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How to Avoid Recruitng the Wrong People Into Your MLM Opportunity, Part II

In the previous post, we learned about some of the problem that we can encounter when we recruit the wrong people into our MLM home business opportunity. This is a follow-up for where we left off.

In the previous post, we discovered that MLM involes personal growth, increase, success, helping others, making a difference, wanting the BEST out of life, and being open to new ideas and cutting-edge thinking.

In reality, most people are no where near this. This is why it is a struggle sometimes to recruit the right people into our MLM business.

Doug Firbaugh, in his article "MLM Recruiting - Are You Recruiting The Wrong People into Network Marketing?" says the following:

"My friend Richard Brooke, (Mach II with Your Hair on Fire author and CEO of Oxyfresh) says that network marketing is simply Personal Development disguised as a business.


It all boils down to philosophy, and the question is: are you recruiting people that share that same philosophy, or people who really don't?

Last 5 People Your Recruited.

Look at the last five people you have recruited.

What have they done? Anything?

Are they working diligently?

Are they growing? Or are they stagnating, like a pond that has no fresh water in it?

Do they have a philosophy of working hard or hardly working?

Do they show up for everything or put down anything?

Do they give a good effort or a bad excuse?

You need to start looking for people who have the same focus, desires and philosophy as you:

People who have a focus on the future, not on the past.

People who have a focus of increase, not decrease.

People who have a desire to grow, not to gripe.

People who have a desire to change, not to stagnate.

People who really care, not try to con.

People who have the philosophy of Win/Win, not When?/When? (CLUE!)

Check out who you are recruiting and ask them one question:

"What is your philosophy about success?"

Their answer will reveal a lot about their chances in this mlm business.

Oh I know, the "throw it up against the wall and see who sticks" crowd will not give a hoot about this article! But it really is a whole lot easier to build a business with folks with the right philosophy, and the right heart. (CLUE!)

Vision Match.

Why do you think the attrition and drop out rate for downlines is so high industry-wide?

It just makes sense to have a "Vision Match" with your new mlm recruit. They share the same Vision as you and a like perspective about success in life.

If you recruit those kinds of folks, you don't have to keep re-building your downline over and over and over.

Are you recruiting the wrong people in MLM? Start looking for the people that want to move ahead and get on in life, and recruit those into Network Marketing.

It will change your whole world, and especially your MLM recruiting".

Great advice, itsn't it? Use it and you will be much more successful recruiting the right people in your MLM.

Doug Doug Firebaugh is one of the top MLM Network Marketing Trainers in the world. Over a million people a month read his training ezine. He spent the last 7 years traveling the world speaking and training on Success. He lives in Birmingham Michigan, and you can receive a FREE subscription to his training ezine- The MLM Success HEAT- at:

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Avoid Recruiting the Wrong People To Your MLM Business

Sometimes, for those of us in MLM, it seems that we lose distributors like fly! We wonder why are people abandoning us like this!

The truth is, it's up to us to use this top secret in MLM. What is it?

Being SELECTIVE in your MLM recruiting will eliminate a tons of heartache and frustration and bringing in the wrong people and expecting them to explode, and they only disappear. This isnt' always easy.

Doug Fireball in his article on this topic says that:

"MLM Recruiting has always been and always will be a SEPARATING process: A process that separates the people who are open to a new idea from those who are not. Those are the only two types of folks that exist. Ones that embrace looking new ideas, and ones who resist them. Many times, folks who are CONVINCED to come into the business, but yet are not really sold on the idea of Network Marketing, fizzle out quickly"

Sounds kind of familiar doesn't it? Doug goes on to say that :

"All MLM recruiting is in a nutshell is looking for folks who are of the same philosophy that we are, and if they are not, make them a customer and get referrals.

Network marketing is a philosophy of personal growth, increase, success, helping others, making a difference, wanting the BEST out of life, and being open to new ideas and cutting-edge thinking.

Most folks are not even close to that, they simply drift through life. Why should it be any different in this mlm business? They simply drift through MLM"

Can you see why it is very important to carefully choose who will join us in our MLM business and who is coachable?

I know I can!

Monday, May 28, 2007

5 Steps To Successful Joint Ventures for Your Home Business

Hello and Happy Memorial Day! I hope you are finding this a great day to relax with family and to reflect on the sacrifices our armed have made in order for us to live in freedom. We have much to be thankful for.

Today's home business tip is on how to create successful joint ventures. This can be useful in many business. I hope you find it beneficial.

5 Steps To Successful Joint Ventures

by: Raam Anand

Most Internet Marketing related ezines have carried at least one article on Joint Ventures; probably many.

JV's are THE MOST preferred and fastest way to increase sales and cash flows.

It's no longer a secret!

Everyone knows a good JV is the master key to online success.

But... why many people are failing to use this master key? Why so many website owners are not able to make use of this powerful strategy?

Here are some reasons:-

1) Other marketers are NOT WAITING for your JV offer. Before sending your JV offer, make sure to address the question "What's in it for the JV Partner?". Unless you give a compelling reason, most partners are not looking forward to your offer. No, it won't work that, you offer one of your products for free and your partner will gladly endorse it to her list. No, it won't.

It takes time to craft an irresistible offer. The offer should be beneficial to your potential partner and her customers/subscribers.

Take it from me... I told you it takes time... but it's definitely possible.

2) Many JV offers are passed onto the "recycle bin" with even being read (I told you... they are NOT waiting)

Some leading marketers get about 200 JV proposals every week! May be more. Most of these JV offers doesn't catch the attention of the busy marketer.

Some are lost due to SPAM email filters.


Follow-up is the key. If you consistently follow-up, your chances of getting the attention of your potential JV partner is very high. Usually a second email will get the response.

A mixed-mode follow-up is sure to get higher success rates. An initial email followed by another email reminder and a phone call should normally get you going.

3) Another strong de-motivating factor is NOT sending personalized JV offers. If your proposal does not "speak" directly to your partner, it's chances of succeeding are very thin.

That's why I told you earlier, it takes time to create your JV proposal. You need to visit your partner's website, subscribe to their newsletter, study their online content and read their publications and articles before you attempt to draft your proposal.

Your JV proposal should address your potential partner directly, using their name. Mentioning a few things about their website, products, ezines or articles in your offer will surely catch their attention.

4) JV partners are not your affiliates. Differentiate your resellers with your strategic JV partner. To drastically raise the success rate of your proposal, offer a higher commission than your affiliates.

For example, if you are offering a 50% commission for your affiliates, your JV partner should be offered 60% or more.

5) Targeting a large corporation for your JV is a surefire way to failure. First, try and do several JV's with businesses similar or smaller than your own and build a track record. Then you can approach bigger businesses with a record of your successes.

Large businesses have large problems everyday to tackle. They have struggled hard to build their enterprise. They have their own range of products to sell and keep their customers happy.

However, if you have a compelling story to tell, along with factual proof of your claims, it will definitely bring you windfall profits.

I'm not discouraging you to keep away from these giants. I'm just telling you the right way to approach.

You see friend, I've revealed to you some key tips on Joint Ventures. Now, it's up to you. Follow these rules and create a compelling offer and I'm sure you will succeed in making highly profitable Joint Ventures.

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