Friday, May 25, 2007

How To Use a Top Ten List To Market Your MLM Product or Service

Many people not only in network marketing, but in other businesses as well, use business cards, flyers, brochures, key chains, and all sorts of advertising tools to get their business name out there. You probably have used some of these methods as well.

While you may think they are innovative and creative strategies, what do you think your prospects really think? Well, to put it bluntly, they are not impressed. Ouch! I know that is probably surprising, but it’s true. Why aren’t they impressed? Because these items really don’t tell sell your opportunity to them. Here is an idea. Why not try a “Top Ten List”? It really works well! Let’s discover how this is done.

A “Top Ten” list is simply a list of reasons your network marketing prospects would be interested in your opportunity’s product or service. Here’s an example of an opportunity list.

Top Ten Reasons to join the Fantastic Company.

1. You can tell your boss what you really think of him.
2. No more car bills.
3. You can wake up in the morning when your kids wake up.
4. You'll always have money in your savings account. Plus, your retirement nest egg will continue to grow
5. Your paycheck will come to your mailbox every week.
6. You'll never have to ask for a raise.
7. Fun conventions in Florida twice a year.
8. You are paid what you are worth, not what someone else
decides you are worth.
9. . You can take a vacation any time you want.
10. You’ll be involved in an awesome, exciting, high-paying career that you'll enjoy instead of
boring work that only makes your company profits.

Here is an example of a product list.

Top Ten Reasons to use Wonderful Cream.

1. It will never leave your skin feeling dried out..
2. Only costs twenty-five cents a day.

3. Protects your skin from harmful sun rays.
4. Will stop all men in their track as they will turn their heads and stare.
5. Perfect base for long-lasting makeup.
6. Scent free so as to not interfere with your perfume.
7. Moisturizes all night so you'll never wake up with rough skin.
8. Will make you smile every time you touch smooth as a baby skin.
9. Makes wrinkles recede and look smaller.
10. Will make everyone jealous at your high school reunion.

Now, this isn’t too hard right? If you make a really creative list, your prospects will me be apt to keep it instead of throwing it in the trash!

This is just an example of one of the numerous ways to sponsor new distributors into your network marketing company. Use this and listen as your phone starts to ring!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Finally Revealed---The Ultimate Network Marketing Secret

As a network marketer, there are numerous ways to market your home business. For example, you can go to school to take a marketing course, study what the gurus say, read books, talk to your next door neighbor who was in network marketing back in 1974, well, maybe not your neighbor but you get the picture!

The truth is, after it is all said and done, marketing can really be broken down into three easy steps. Master them, follow them as if your life depended on it, and you will continue to build your network marketing business into infinity! Here are the three steps and how to use them the right way.

Step One: Build a list of prospects.

Step Two: Sell them something

Step Three: Sell them something again.

Now, let’s break down how to implement these three very simple steps.

Build a List of Prospects

All you do with this first step is imagine that your MLM business is like a huge funnel. The more prospects you have in your funnel, the more this will directly equal the number of customers and distributors who join your team. This doesn’t mean anybody, of course! You have to find highly qualified ones who are

truly interested in a business opportunity or your product or service. The question then comes, where do you find all these people?

Ok, if you hear people ask that question you must realize right away that they just don’t get it! Why? Because prospects are everywhere! Plus, everyone already does networking everyday anyway and just don’t realize it! There is no need to buy leads. We have plenty of leads to choose from. We just need to find educated prospects. Here are some areas where we can build our prospect list:

  1. The clerk at the grocery store.
  2. People we meet on the Internet
  3. Health nuts at the gym.
  4. College students who need money.
  5. Your local PTA.
  6. Take a business class at your local community college
  7. Your co-workers.

Get the picture?

Sell Them Something

Just as there are numerous ways to build a list of prospects, there also are numerous ways to sell them something. In other words, present the prospect with information about your network marketing company. Here are a few ways to do this to assist you in getting your creative juices flowing:

  1. Talk to them in person.
  2. Talk to them on the telephone.
  3. Send them a postcard
  4. Live or recorded teleconferences
  5. Give the prospect an audio tape or CD.
  6. Send your prospect to your website.
  7. Have your sponsor contact your prospect.
  8. Do three-ways calls with your uplines

You will find that selling to prospects is easy, especially if you remember this special rule:

Facts Tell-Stories Sell

If you talk to your prospects in the way that causes them to believe and relate to your presentation of your network marketing business, in a story format or a testimonial, you will find that selling or sharing with them your opportunity will be very easy!

Sell Them Something Again

By the time you reach this point, this last step should be easy! You see, if you already have prospects, are already are in the process of building a list of prospects, or have sold them something, then having people who consistently buy your products on autoship every month should not be difficult! When you do this, you are just doing what other companies do to market their product or service. Lost? If so, just think of :

  1. Columbia House that sends CD’s every month.
  2. Your monthly satellite or cable bill.
  3. Your cell phone product.

Now, do you get the picture? If your network marketing business has some sort of autoship or billing program, this is of great value and benefit to you! Autoship is really the way to generate lots of profit each month, especially if you have a downline of satisfied customers and distributors!

So, there you have it. You are now in on the ultimate network marketing secret. Take action, master these strategies, and you will be well on your way to financial independence.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to Use the "Nest Egg" Approach to Skyrocket Your Home Business Prospect Base

As a professional network marketer, you are well aware of various ways to approach prospects about your home business. However, did you know many networkers are using now using a very unique, low-key, and non-threatening approach? You could call this the “Nest Egg” approach. What’s the actual “Nest Egg”? Why retirement! As it turns out, this technique is very motivating. Here’s how it works.

First of all, you loan your prospect a copy of the book, “How To Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery.” These books are very inexpensive and run less than $1.50 per copy. So, you can afford to get plenty!

What this book does is explain how anyone can accumulate wealth using any of the strategies listed. Some of the strategies include:

-Spending less than you earn and investing the difference

-Earning more money by having a part-time job and investing the difference

-Starting a part-time business and investing profits

-Collect a network marketing check for what you already doing, and investing your profits

Can you see how effective this approach can be? Most people will immediately identify with one of these approaches and get excited about it! This is because they realize their “nest egg” can be built more quickly this way. Retirement could come much sooner rather than later! What you do is to just loan the book for three days and then go pick it up.

When you go pick it up, don’t be surprised if your prospect wants to add it to his/her personal collection. This is the ideal time for you to ask if they would be interested in doubling or tripling the amount they save. Nine times out of ten, their response will be an affirmative “yes”! Now, you can tell your prospect about your network marketing opportunity. They will be happy to listen to what you have to say because of the awesome information you shared with them by loaning them the book.

What really sells them on the idea is that they will be able to take the money from their network marketing business and add it to their “nest egg”. They will begin to view your home business opportunity as a vehicle that will assist them in reaching their retirement goals a lot faster. What also nice about this approach that you will end up with distributors who are stable and will most likely be with you for the long term.

So, take the step and begin to use the “Nest Egg” approach in your network marketing business today!