Friday, May 11, 2007

How To Get A Unique Promise For Your Home Business

Are you struggling to find a way to make your home-based business stand out from the crowd? If so, here is what you can do to create your own unique promise.

Get An Unique Promise For Your Internet Home Based Business Opportunity
By Juhani Tontti

Let`s think how you could make a difference, or have a unique promise, among internet home based business opportunities. Generally speaking it is hard, I would say impossible, to make a difference with the products only. That`s why your home based business opportunity should concentrate into services, i.e. to serv your ”opportunity ” visitors, new and returning ones.

Think how your internet home based business opportunity should look like and in which way it could serve or help your customers. What do they need from you to be able to buy? How could you as a webmaster help them?

How can you judge, which service components are important? Well, the best way is to visit several internet home based businesses and make a small business analyze of those opportunities. When you`ll find internet home based business you like, ask yourself, why do I like this?

Is this one of the opportunities, you would like to get? Look at the lay-out, colours, copy, banners and everything, which makes that particular web site so different among home based business opportunities. A brand. Ask yourself: does this business opportunity promise clearly something for you and if yes, what is it?

Internet Home Based Business Opportunities Are Like Brands.

If they are real opportunities, they must have a clear, different promise for the people, who search internet home based business opportunities. That promise will select the right people to become customers for your business opportunity.

If you agree with me and take services as a tool to build up a unique, customer-oriented internet home based business opportunity, let`s have a small brainstorming. When you have surfed through different internet home based business opportunities, what you were missing? What was the personal, warm touch, that the internet home based opportunity you liked, was missing?

Were you missing an opportunity to see, what is new? Maybe a new opportunity to get technical help. Did that internet home based business look like an active one, updating the web site all the time?
You may noticed that many web sites do not look like businesses, like retail shops, but like internet home based business opportunities staying were they have stayed for a long time. Those are warning examples.

Your opportunity could have a wide selection of useful internet customer services. A separate ”I take care of you”- section for starters in internet home based business opportunity, an article directory, a lot of free quality internet marketing ebooks, internet marketing courses, internet marketing tools, opportunities to join separate affiliate businesses, opportunity to join a discussion forum and an overall ”I`ll help you in everything”- touch, so that the visitors will trust you.

But the most important is that your internet home business customers feel that you, as a human being are there to serve them. You have to put yourself into fire. It is a fact that no-one can copy or imitate your way to run your internet home business, i.e. Yout attitude and the style you write. It is said that all decisions concerning the business opportunity are made by feelings.

Now you understand how important it is, when you run internet home business opportunities to have a big personal touch. That you can easily do by writing articles and new web pages, posting to your home business opportunity blog, sending ” business opportunity ”- customer newsletters, writing emails and giving helpful online service. This is how the image of your internet home business opportunity will grow and over time it will be a strong brand.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How To Use Attention Getting Strategies to Market Your Home Business

Every business owner knows that the key to success is how well you market your business. Your business is not any different. Success depends on your marketing strategies.

There are many different marketing techniques with many different price tags attached to them. Depending on your type of business, you will need to develop a marketing plan that generates sufficient customers to reach your goals.

Using many different marketing techniques will quickly drain your bank account. Your first goal will be to determine how you can reach the most people for the least amount of money.

Here is one marketing technique that is cost efficient and a little more adventurous for you the "Business Owner."

Become an Expert

What is your business? Look around at your competition. How do they present themselves to the general public? How can you present yourself differently?

Go buy a local newspaper, local magazine, listen to your local radio station; watch your local TV station. Are any of your competitors currently marketing themselves as an expert in your field?

Contact your local media and discuss the various ways that you could work with them. Local newspapers and magazines will have opportunities to write "Advice" articles. Local radio and TV stations may have talk shows that could host you weekly or monthly.

Contact the various local organizations that are looking for speakers for their monthly luncheons. Your Chamber of Commerce is an ideal place to start. Join your Chamber and get an article about you and your business published in their monthly magazine.

Study your customers and choose the type of media that would reach them. Talk to your current customers and ask them to give you their opinion about which area you should market in. Find out what they listen to and what they read, and what organizations they belong to.

What type of personality do you have?

Make sure that your personality matches your marketing strategy. Radio and TV would be a perfect match for you if you enjoy speaking in front of people, have an outgoing personality and a voice that carries well. Newspaper and magazine article writing will be perfect for you if you do not enjoy speaking in front of groups.

Becoming an expert in your area of business will not take years to achieve. Stay on top of the latest news about your business. Subscribe to trade publications to keep informed about new trends. The Internet offers many ways to stay informed on any topic.

The key to becoming an expert is to take the knowledge you have and the new information received and decide how your customers can benefit from this information. Not all news is beneficial to your customers.

Your goal is to cause your customers to look at you as the one to come to when they need what you are selling. You want them to refer their family and friends to you.

Don't be shy. Go out there and market yourself as the expert that you are. The more exposure that you receive, the more exposure your business will receive.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Importance of Networking Your Home Business

On a hot July day several years ago people gathered in droves to drink, talk, and do business. This wasn't a convention, reception or staff outing. The event was called Young Professionals, a local business networking group for, as the name suggests, young working professionals. This event acted as a magnifying glass on the importance of networking in business.

The first thing you'll notice at an event like this will be the amount of people that attend. Discovering an opportunity like in the business world can be a refreshing feeling, especially to those that are constantly scrutinized at work. If nothing else, networking provides members of the business community an outlet to reassure one another that their current job doesn't have to be the only job they ever do. The first step in networking is putting oneself out there to be met by others, and engaging in conversation about business, and life with other likeminded individuals.

The next thing you'll notice at the event are the prevalence of business cards. The importance of business cards in networking is essential. If you have business cards be sure to bring them everywhere, if you don't yet have a card, make one. Many of your employees might be people you'll meet networking for business. If they don't have a business card you won't be able to hire them. Having a business card and distributing it freely will help you become successful at networking. If you need reassurance, look at those that profit off networking the most, real estate agents, stock brokers, and other broker types. Do you ever see a drought in business cards among these individuals? Some people have stacks of cards high enough to hit an 11 foot ceiling.

Another thing you'll notice happening at the event are the unabashed marketing of products, and services. Market your product when networking. What if you don't have a product for sale? You may have a service, or an idea, whatever it may be, market it while networking. You will be surprised at how many people can help you achieve your dream.

A few things you'll want to bring to a meeting are a pen, pad, and something to hold things in, like a portfolio. While networking be sure to take notes if necessary, ask questions of others, and capture the moment. Many rely on fate to bring them to success in business, and life. But for those seasoned veterans of business, and life will tell you, diligence and hard work are as important as anything else.

When you are networking try your best to get the most out of the situation. Next time you are at a networking event, instead of enjoying the free pigs in a blanket, make the most of it by actively networking.