Friday, January 12, 2007

The Top 3 Fastest Ways To Get Traffic To Your Home-Business Website

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your home-business website? If so, you will want to take a look at this great article by Jim Edwards.

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3 Fastest Ways To Get Traffic To Any Website
by: Jim Edwards

After all the debate over website design, shopping carts and credit card processors, every website owner eventually comes to the startling realization that they need one more thing to survive - website traffic!

Without website traffic it's the same as building an expensive billboard and, instead of placing it alongside a busy highway, hiding it in your *basement* where nobody can see it.

Upon realizing they need traffic, most website owners run out and start blowing chunks of money and time trying to get "hits," but they fail to grasp that there are really only three (3) reliable ways to get traffic to any website.

Method #1 - Buy Traffic Currently, the fastest way to get traffic to any website involves using the little classified ads on the right side of search giant Google's results pages.
Called Google AdWords, the system allows any advertiser to open an account with a $5 activation fee and start seeing their ads appear on Google within about 15 minutes.

Advertisers only pay when visitors actually click through from their ad on Google to their website or affiliate link. also sells traffic by the click, but they make you wait three to five days to go through their editorial review process before allowing ads to appear on their network.

You can also buy advertising on dozens of other pay-per-click search engines.

They all follow the same basic model of only charging advertisers for targeted visitors who read an ad based on a keyword search and decide to click through for more information.

Log on to for a list of over 600 choices ranked by market penetration.

A word to the wise on pay-per-click advertising: Watch your costs and track and measure everything. Even though you can get traffic for as little as a penny, you should track your results by search engine and by individual keyword if you want maximum success.

Many a company has lost its entire advertising budget paying only a nickel or a dime per click, but not watching their conversion rates and pouring money into keywords that don't convert... while neglecting the keywords that do bring sales (mainly because they don't know which is which!).

Method #2 - Borrow Traffic If you need traffic to a website, then borrow it from people who already have it... especially people with lists of loyal subscribers or traffic from search engines, affiliates, or other steady sources.

"Endorsed Mailings" and "Reciprocal Linking" by other people represent the two fastest ways to borrow someone else's traffic.

If they maintain a list of subscribers, convince them to send an email out to their people telling them why they should check out your site.

Also, negotiate a prominent link on their web pages to siphon off targeted visitors who find their website.

Often the best way to persuade someone to do this involves paying them a commission, agreeing to do a similar mailing, or providing a link to them on your site (or a combination of all three).
Imagine how much traffic you could get if someone with a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers told their people to go look at your website!

Method #3 Recycle Traffic The most economical way to get traffic involves turning one-time visitors into regular, repeat visitors that you direct to multiple sites over time.

You do this by pulling website visitors into your sphere of influence by enticing them to sign up for your newsletter, autoresponder sequence, or "mini-course."

Then you keep in contact with regular articles, special reports, and recommendations enticing them to visit your own and other people's websites.

Ultimately, every website owner should orient all of their marketing efforts towards this end of developing a stream of recycled traffic, because it costs the least and creates the best return on time and money invested.

It doesn't matter if you promote your own product, promote only as an affiliate, or some combination of the two... if you don't recycle traffic and get more than one hit out of each visitor, you're making one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make online.
About The Author
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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Four Tips on How To Make Money With Your Blog

"Blogging: 4 Ways to Make Money"
by Codrut Turcanu

Most blogs focus on a certain topic. These topics could range from home loans to car customization. If you maintain a blog which focuses only on a certain topic, you may want to consider the possibility of making money with your blog.

Before you can begin making money though, you have to be sure that your blog meets a certain set of criteria. First, and as already mentioned, your blog must focus on only one topic, or niche, as it is referred to most of the time. Second, you must maintain your blog on a regular basis, meaning that you should update it every day. And third, the writing must be of the highest quality and supported with lots of links and images.

Once you have these criteria in place, then you can consider the following ways in which to make money with your blog.

Way to Make Money Blogging #1: AdSense
Google AdSense is one of the most popular pay-per-click Internet marketing programs available today. By joining the program and allowing AdSense advertisements to be placed in your blog you will be paid a small commission every time a visitor to your blog clicks on that advertisement link.

Way to Make Money Blogging #2: has an affiliate program which allows individuals to promote any one of their millions of products for them. Because they have so many products to offer, it should be easy for you to find ones which compliment your blog niche. However, unlike AdSense, you don’t get paid on a pay-per-click basis. In order to receive a commission, the visitor to your blog must actually purchase the advertised product.

Way to Make Money Blogging #3: Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs available for almost every niche you can think of. Web Sites such as offer a free resource which allows you to research popular affiliate programs within many different niches.

The Web Site also offers advice and warnings on how to avoid choosing affiliate programs that are scams.

Way to Make Money Blogging #4: Maintain More Than One Blog

There is no limit to how many blogs you can have. Because most blog services are free, and because most affiliate programs are also free to join, you should strongly consider maintaining multiple blogs in multiple niches. This will allow you to promote more products and programs, and in turn make you more money.

Most people, when asked what they do for a living, don’t say, “I’m a blog writer.” However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a career out of it. If you have the talent to create niche blogs that contain quality, well-written content that has the ability to develop strong readership followings, you can make blog writing a full time job. A word of caution though: most blogs fail. Because this is the case, don’t be quick to quit your day job until you are sure that blogging will be a lucrative business venture for you.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Free Blogging Secrets Course for Your Home-Based Business

If you have a home-based business, you will want to set up a blog. There are lots of good reasons for this as well as strategies on how to do it right.

Visit the following link to get your own free course!

5 ways A Blog Can Benefit Your Home-Based Business

If you have a home-based business, you want a blog. When done right, they can be a tremendous assets. Here is why. 

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"5 Ways a Blog can Benefit Your Business"
by Codrut Turcanu

When people first learn that blogs can be used to benefit their business, they usually consider it as some form of advertising. But while blogs are commonly used to help promote business, there are other ways in which they can benefit businesses as well. The following is a comprehensive list of ways in which a blog can benefit your business.

Way a Blog Can Benefit Your Business #1: Advertising

Businesses often hire freelance writers to maintain a blog for them. The blog serves as a way of advertising over the Internet by discussing the company and the services that it offers. It's actually easier to get a blog added to the major search engines than it is to add a Web Site. Most companies are beginning to realize this and put just as much emphasis on their blog as they do on their Web Site.

Way a Blog Can Benefit Your Business #2: Customer Feedback

Your business' blog should provide an opportunity for customers to respond and leave feedback. A good company should take the feedback of their customers to heart when making business decisions. Remember, it is customers that keep you in business, so don't take what they have to say lightly.

Way a Blog Can Benefit Your Business #3: Employee Feedback

There is a small portion of businesses still operating in America who genuinely care about their employees. So much so that they are beginning to provide in-house blogs in which employees can anonymously air their frustrations and dislikes with policies. Skilled employees with extensive experience are very valuable in the work world, and some companies are taking measures to avoid turnovers by taking note of their employees' frustrations and trying to rectify problems.

Way a Blog Can Benefit Your Business #4: Build Employee Morale

Aside from providing blogs as a forum for employees to share their grievances, some companies also utilize blogs to help promote employee morale. This is done by posting topics and stories that pertain to the accomplishments of employees. It recognizes their hard work and lets them know that they are appreciated; a feature that is absent in most companies today.

Way a Blog Can Benefit Your Business #5: Make More Money

Small businesses can benefit from blogs by placing ads for their Internet site within them to get customers to visit, and perhaps make a purchase. Businesses can also team up with affiliate programs to make a little extra money which can maybe be used for holiday bonuses for the employees. Just because you have a main focus in your business, does not mean you can't have a few side projects that make you money also.

When developing a blog for your business, remember that professionalism is important. The way your blog is conducted reflects upon your company, so make sure the blog content is well written and free of grammatical errors. Unlike most blogs, yours represents your business, so let yours stand out by being professional and different from the other standard blogs flooding the Internet.
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Sunday, January 07, 2007

5 Crucial Steps for New Bloggers

Blogging, when done right, is a great way to get traffic to your home-based business website. Unfortunately, many times people don't go about it the right way. Over the next week or so, I'll be providing some tools to assist folks in blogging the right way.

I hope this will be helpful.

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"5 Crucial Tips for New Bloggers"
by Codrut Turcanu

If you haven’t already become involved with the phenomenon that is blogging, then you have to ask yourself, “why not?” For most people, the answer to this question is that they don’t know where to start? For other people, the answer is that they don’t see any purpose in having a blog. However, how do they know unless they give it a try? If you’ve never tried blogging, I’d urge you to consider it. In fact, I believe so strongly that you should consider it that the following are tips for how to start a blog and what to do with it once you have started.

Important Tip for New Bloggers #1: Choosing a Blog

Whether you decide to start a blog for money or just for fun, you should probably do so without spending any money. Web Sites such as Blogger and MySpace offer free blogs. By doing this, you can get practice at blogging and decide if it is something you like doing.

Important Tip for New Bloggers #2: Consider and Research Your Topics

If you want to develop a readership for your blog then the topics you write about have to be ones which people will find interesting. You should also provide a different take on topics other than what the majority of other bloggers offer. Also, before you start writing about a topic, make sure you understand it and that what you’re writing is fact. The quickest way to lose readership, or never gain one at all, is to write blogs that are false or misleading.

Important Tip for New Bloggers #3: Leave Your Personal Life Out of It

Most people don’t care how you spent your day yesterday. Most people are searching blogs in order to find helpful information. A blog is not a diary. If you’re looking to keep a diary, do so offline. For your own privacy and pride, don’t air your dirty laundry where millions of people have access to it.

Important Tip for New Bloggers #4: Keep Your Writing Simple

Don’t think of yourself as the next Pulitzer Prize winner. What this means is avoid using large words or any words that will send readers looking for a dictionary. Most newspapers in the United States write at a middle school reading level. You should too so that you don’t run the risk of alienating potential readers.

Important Tip for New Bloggers #5: Proofread

It doesn’t matter how unique and intuitive you blog topic is. If it’s full of misspellings and grammatical errors people won’t read it and they will never visit it again. Make sure and take the time to proofread your writing. You may even consider enrolling in a local writing class in order to polish your skills.

If you find that blogging is something for you, then you will eventually find ways to build upon the tips mentioned above. In fact, you may even find yourself making money from your blog. But to keep it simple at first, just follow the tips above and work on getting people to read what you’ve written, then consider expanding upon your talents.
Codrut Turcanu is a full-time Top Marketer from Romania. Sign-Up for his 6-part FREE eCourse (A $29.95 VALUE) and discover "How To Make Real Money With Blogs"