Friday, December 07, 2007

MLM System: Does Your MLM Company Fit the Bill?

There are many mlm systems out there that claim to show you the right way to build your business. However, unfortunately, the system that some promote is simply making a list of your friends or family and buying leads. As I’m sure you have found out, this really is not a system.

I use a free mlm system and mlm tool that is duplicatable to build my business. It is so simple anyone can use it whether they are new or a veteran. It also is educational and teaches what the mlm industry is all about.

One of the most powerful things I have learned is how to evaluate whether a company has five crucial supports in place for distributors to be successful. I will talk briefly about what the most crucial foundational support is and why, if not in place, nothing else matters.

This important foundation is company management experience with integrity. This means if the company founders have experience being a distributor somewhere in their past. Have they worked the opportunity meetings, spent time on the road, met face to face with prospects, etc.? Company management that has this experience are usually very “distributor friendly” because they walked in your shoes. Their pay plan will be excellent and it will be very easy to build a business with them because lots of care and support will be in place to help you be successful.

If the company management are just fortune 500 CEO’ who got into MLM just because they hear it’s another fantastic way to make money, want to have investor’s involved and all that, it is going to be difficult for you since they have no true experience.
You may be thinking how do I find this information? All you need to do is a Google search. Read what other people are saying about them and find out what they have done in the past. It shouldn’t be difficult to find what you need.

The mlm system that I use also teaches people how to take a very close look at a company’s policies and procedures. Please do this before you join any company. If you see things such as on-going sponsoring, on-going recruiting, and required sponsoring numbers for a month, etc., this clearly shows the focus is on getting more and more people in on the deal instead of there being a healthy balance of retailing and sponsoring. You do not want to be a sponsoring machine with no true residual income.

A good clue if the company is “distributor friendly” is if the policies and procedures are short. This means there is low overhead and therefore more money can be put back in the compensation plan for you the distributor. If policies and procedures are pages and pages long and lots of it looks like Greek, look out! This usually means there is lots of overhead with much less money that can go in to the compensation plan, meaning you will not get paid the way you should.

Company management experience with integrity is just one of the 5 foundations a company needs to have in place for you to be successful. The mlm system that I use, which is free, teaches about this as well as provides other useful information. It is a great mom tool that anyone can use no matter what company they are with. I wish you success in finding the right mlm system for you business.

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