Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free Network Marketing Leads: Just Ask This One Quesion

There are many ways to generate free networking marketing leads. Tom, BIg Al, Schreiter, is a master in this area. Here is a mini-report I received from him that discusses how you can ask this one question to generate a free network marketing lead:

"I was at a restaurant in Charleroi, Belgium with my friend,
Jean-Philippe. After ordering our drinks, Jean-Philippe
asks the waiter:

"Are you married to your job or are you open-minded?"

Everyone wants to be considered as having an open mind,
so the waiter responds:

"Yes, of course I am open-minded. You know, this
job doesn't pay enough for me."

Jean-Philippe gives the waiter his card and casually says:

"We'll talk later."

This opening sentence opens the door for you. Not only
will the prospect be more receptive to hearing a presentation,
your prospect will also try to give your presentation a fair

What more can you ask for?

Simple sentences and questions like this will build
your business. Network marketing leaders work hard on
perfecting these sentences and questions.

Later in the day, Jean-Philippe and I were back at the
same restaurant. The waiter was still working. He was
supposed to get off work hours earlier. And he was busy.

In fact, he was the only waiter and the restaurant was
was very crowded.

When the waiter sees Jean-Philippe, he smiles. He knows
he wants to talk to Jean-Philippe. He is motivated.

So what do you do next?

You could set an appointment to talk to the waiter
when he gets off work. You could give the waiter your
card and tell him you will call later.

Or, you could invite the waiter to a conference call,
an opportunity meeting, or even set an appointment
to visit with your sponsor in person or via a
three-way call.

Maybe you could just give the waiter a CD to listen
to on his way home.

Or, just give the waiter your "One-Minute Presentation"
- and then if he was interested, you could talk more
when the waiter had a break.

If you don't have a good "One-Minute Presentation" -
you can get the no-cost e-course on exactly how to do
it at:

So try using:

"Are you married to your job or are you open-minded?"

And watch your prospects' eyes light up while they
imagine a better life.

Watch your inbox for more amazing, easy sentences from
me that will create new, hot prospects.

- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. Don't keep these mini-reports a secret! Plus,
the weekly Big Al Report has more great ideas.

Please tell your networking friends to subscribe
to the Big Al Report. All they have to do is to
go to and fill in
their info."

Do you see how easy it can be to generate free network marketing leads for your mlm business? Why not try this today?!

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