Sunday, November 11, 2007

Free MLM Tip: Conduct Effective Keyword Research in As Little as 15 Minutes with These 6 Tips

This is a free mlm tip if you are a network-marketing distributor who is using Internet marketing strategies to build your business.

I am sure you have heard about the importance of doing keyword research before you do any type of online marketing whether it be blogging, article writing, creating online videos, using classified advertising, etc. If you fail to find the right keyword for your webpages, articles, blog, or whatever medium you are using to get the word out, you will find your all your hard work will fall rapidly into obscurity in the Google world.

Here are 6 tips you can follow to conduct keyword research that will assist you in getting your pages into the top ranks on Google.

*With any keyword research tool whether it be Wordtracker, Overture, SEO Book, etc., it is best to let the tool tell you what the market place is looking for. For example, instead of using a phrase like "prices for antiques", instead type the word "price" and see what comes up.

*Began to think of keyword research as more than just searching for the right word. Instead, use topics of interest and watch what interesting results you will get. This will show the search behavior and industry related trends. For example, if you type in the word "locate" in Wordtracker, you will get some results like
"Where can I locate someone in the UK".

*Here's another free mlm tip for your keyword research. Research words that may seem very common place. Many times you will be amazed at what people are searching for. For example, you could use "free", "draw", etc. Try typing that into the keyword research tools and see what interesting results come up. They very well could fit your niche.

*Work on not trying to be too analytical and logical. Brainstorm random ideas and common words. Using Wordtracker as an example again, typing "why" into the search bar will come up with results such as "why shouldn't people smoke", "why do people use terrorism", etc.

*Do research based on what question people are asking about on the Internet. Examples such as "what does your body fat percentage mean", "how to fix and ipod if it shows error", etc., are what some people are looking for. If you can provide answers to people questions, you can build relationships and likely make sales if you have a product that fits their need.

*Many of the keyword suggestion tools have acronym functions in them that you can check. Always take advantage of these tools.

As a network marketer who uses Internet marketing strategies to build your business, make sure you follow these free mlm tips to ensure you get targeted traffic to your site.

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