Sunday, November 04, 2007

Free MLM Leads - Getting Free Leads is As Easy as Catching Fish in a Fishbowl

As a network marketing distributor, one of the best things you can do is to generate your own free MLM leads. The key is to make sure they also are targeted. Did you know this can be as easy as catching fish in a fishbowl?

You can try this easy technique to get as many free mlm leads as you want. How- you might ask? Just use your local area's restaurants. Many of your local restaurants are always trying to drum up new business plus keep the regulars coming back. One of the ways they do this is by having drawings for a free lunch. So, what they do is set out a fishbowl and have people place their business cards in them. Then, the drawing occurs at some point.

What happens after the drawing is that usually the business cards are thrown away. What you can do is approach the restaurant manager and ask what is done with those cards after the drawing. You usually will hear they just throw them away. You then could offer to take them off their hands. You should leave with quite a few. On the business card you will find their name, company, business addresses and daytime phone number. There sometimes is a home phone number as well and their occupation.

Here is how you approach the people without getting the restaurant in trouble. You can do a note along these lines:

You Finally Won!

Do you remember dropping off your business card to get a free lunch at _____________ (name the restaurant).

I'm sorry to say you did not win and get the free lunch this week, but you are in luck because you win something else! You won the runner up prize sponsored by my company. Just for leaving your business card, here is your coupon for a free ( name your prize).

This_________________ will

*Benefit 1
*Benefit 2
*Benefit 3

Call me at (your phone number here) to redeem your prize in 5 days!

Your Name

What you give your free mlm lead can be any number of things. Here are some examples:

* Your company's latest health product at a deep discount
* A free marketing report you have created
* A free sample

Since many people will be too busy to claim their prize, you can give them a call or stop by for a visit. The fish bowl technique is a great way to attract free mlm leads. Plus, if you want prospects with real business experience, this is the perfect strategy to use. So, go find a local restaurant that offers free giveaways to business people and you will surely get great prospects for your business.

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