Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Network Marketing Leads: Use These 5 Online Resources to Attract Leads

As a network marketer distributor, you could always use free network marketing leads. Online today, there are some great free and/or dirt cheap online resources you can use to promote your MLM. Let’s take a look at 5 online resources.

1. Traffic Exchanges. If you are new to online marketing, traffic exchanges can be a good place to start. You will need to make sure you use a tabbed browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. These types of browsers enable you to use multiple traffic exchanges at a time. While traffic exchanges aren’t as effective as they used to be, if you can find one where all members are credited for visiting each other’s site, that’s the way to go. One such traffic exchange is Traffic Swarm.

Now, to stand out on a site like Traffic Swarm, do not advertise your affiliate link like everybody else. What you want to do is to create your own splash page and use it to revert to an affiliate link. On your splash page, state a key benefit so that your visitors will be willing to click on the link that leads to your affiliate site. This method is the best way to use traffic exchanges.

2. Safe L ists. Anywhere from 4-6 years ago, safe lists were a great resource and a good way to get free network marketing leads for your business. However, they are not as effective as they used to be. Your best hope is to find a credit based safe list, and the best method within the list is to use a solo ad. A solo ad will have your advertisements stand alone. Do not spend money on your solo ad until you know your copy results in adequate clicks. The best thing to do is to test your ads with the traffic exchanges and free classifieds before using a safe list solo ad.

3. Classified advertising. There are many free online classified sites on the internet. When done correctly, they can be a good resource to get free network marketing leads for your business. Advertising on sites such as Craig’s List can be quite effective. To find additional sites, all you would need to do is a Google search for “online classified”.

What you want to do is write something that people will want to read. The only way to do this is to test headlines, your ad bodies, etc. Free classifieds are a great way to get back links to your MLM affiliate site. So, even if you ads don’t get lots of clicks, it’s still worth your time to post because of the back links you will receive.

4. Ezine ads. This type of advertising can be hit and miss. Always do your research first by signing up for the ezine to check the content. In addition to the content, you need to see if ads are run multiple times which could be a good indicator or response. As with safe lists, solo ads work best with ezine advertising though it is the most expensive option. Top ads can work well too. It’s best not to do anything under a top ad since middle and bottom ads are not nearly as effective.

5. Articles. Article writing is a great way to become known as an expert in your niche. They also create awesome back links for your affiliate site. Before starting an article, make sure you do keyword research (3 word phrases are the best). In addition, you must check the search volume by checking the Google competition. They keyword phrase you choose should be in the headline as well as mentioned in the article body. If you do this right, it is not difficult to get on the first page of Google

As you can see, using these 5 key strategies can get you free network marketing leads, or leads very inexpensively. Pick a few strategies that you think you would like to implement and watch your MLM business grow.

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