Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book in Network Marketing: Find MLM Success in 10 Steps, Part II

Book in Network Marketing: Find MLM Success in 10 Steps, Part II

This is the second in a two article series about how a book in networking marketing that I read about give you the blueprint for MLM success. The author, a veteran of the industry, shares his experience based on over 28 years in the industry. He shares what he feels are the ten steps that network marketing distributors need to follow to find success. Here are the last five out of the ten steps:

-Learn how to think like a prospect. All any of your prospect are thinking is “Can I do this and will you help me?” So, this is all about you and not the company or products. Your prospects have to see that you will be with them every step of the way.

-Make sure there is a duplicatable system in place. Each person is unique. Most of us can’t imitate what the heavy hitters and gurus do. Instead, you need a system that anyone can use no matter their skill level. It should also be on that the average part-timer can use just as successful y as the full-timers. It is essential that this is in place.

-Make sure you can answer the “so, what” question. This covers many areas of your business. The most important “so, what” question you have to answer is if why your prospects should choose you over thousands of other business opportunities. You have to make an impression on them they will never forget.

-You must learn to evaluate a MLM compensation plan. In this book on network marketing, this was one of the crucial steps. Many people don’t realize they are doomed from the get go because the compensation plan the company has does not work with the numbers. It must work for the average part-timers, and must not be based on having to constantly sell and close people. This is the recipe for disaster for most people. Bottom line, know your compensation plan and if it will work not only for you, but for those you sponsor.

Hopefully, you now have clear view from this book in networking marketing about what you need to do to find success. Focus on the steps and you will be pleasantly surprised how your business will expand.

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