Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Top 10 MLM Business Strategies that Generate Free Leads 24-7!

The Top 10 MLM Business Strategies that Generate Free Leads 24-7!

If you are a professional network marketer, you know how important it is to have a steady influx of leads for your business. As you know, the best way to get MLM leads is for free instead of purchasing them. Here are 10 business building strategies you can use to get free MLM leads for your business beginning today!

1. Be yourself. Whether it be on your sales copy, squeeze page, or when talking to people one on one, you must be yourself and convey that you have no agenda. You must show people that you are interested in what they have to say, and want to help them reach their goals and dreams. By building relationships, you will build your business and easily find leads for your product or service.

2. Use audio files. Now days, people are very busy. They cannot always take the time to catch opportunity or conference calls. One way to get around this is by using audio files. Audio files enable your prospects to listen on their time. Plus, if your prospect has joined your business, this takes the “I have to be an expert” pressure off. When new people join, they can guide their own interested prospects to the audio files. This technique is easily duplicatable and leverages people’s time.

3. Have a powerful “why”. When you talk to people and they say they are interested in joining your business, encourage them to create a “why” with staying power. This is extremely important because we all reach a point in business when rough times come. Everybody at some point wants to quit or even quit before they fully get started. A powerful “why” about what your prospect wants from life and their business will help them stay grounded. It’s important as well that you have them write it down on paper and review it everyday.

4. Share that mentoring/coaching will be available. If your prospects feel that they will be in this on their own, they will want to quit, especially if they have no skills. So, you must convey to them that you will help them and teach them the skills necessary to be successful. Mentoring will also help your prospects overcome their biggest obstacles for success as well as provide motivation and accountability. All world-class athletes are mentored. So you too, should currently be in a mentoring relationship so that you can mentor others just as well.

5. Mentoring with a servant’s heart. As discussed in number four, mentoring is crucial and will help people feel more comfortable, that they are a partner with you. You must convey that you have no agenda, and will teach and share all that you know. This is the right thing to do and your people will appreciate it. For those people who are still prospects, this approach will help build relationships and keep your leads interested in what you have to offer even if they can’t act until sometime in the future.

6. Provide a team mastermind call. As you know, all humble and successful people in any business NEVER claim they do it all their own. They have a team of people who help them. So, providing a mastermind call where people can come to a safe place to share ideas is an awesome way to build a business. No one should ever be reprimanded for saying something that may sound dumb. Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas come from seemingly “dumb” people and which many supposedly “smart” people thought was incredibly stupid!

7. Be on a good marketing team. A truly good marketing system will bring folks with various areas of expertise together and share with others what to do. A good network marketing system will be much more than selling to family and friends. It will involve no egos and will successfully teach proven and duplicatable marketing strategies that will generate free leads as well as successfully market a MLM product or service.

8. The right way vs. wrong way to do three way calls. Three way calls are an excellent way to share your business with your leads. However, if you do it in a way where high pressure sales techniques and pitching is going on, you will lose prospects. The best way is to use this tool is as a relationship building process. The purpose is to share with your prospects about you, as well explain what you do in clear terms in just one minute. Yes, you heard right, in jus ONE minute. Then, you give the prospect a chance to ask questions. The other team member on the call with you can give a brief testimonial, and talk about why they joined. This is a powerful way to show people that you are not in this alone, and hear about your opportunity from another perspective. Using this approach many times will transfer a free lead into a partner.

9. Use the cruise ship rule. If you are doing well generating free leads, and prospects start talking about wanting to join you, don’t just accept any and everybody! Learn to think, if I went on a 30-day cruise with this person, are they the type of person I would want to spend 30 days with? If you don’t enjoy the person, like them, find them annoying, etc., it is not a good idea to sponsor them. There is no need to just take anybody here. Only work with people that you like and could easily go on a 30 day cruise with.

10. Have an action plan. When your free leads eventually join you, they will be excited, but also will be thinking, “Ok, I joined. Now what do I do?” You will need to help them focus on a step-by-step process of what they need to do to build a strong foundation. This action plan should help them understand how your team works, and how the business and company works. The plan should also provide duplication, structure, all of which will increase their comfort level. This in turn will free up your time. An action plan is a must have when people join you in your business.

These are strategies that you can use today to build your networking marketing home business as well as generate interested free leads for your market or service. Take action, start off with at least a few today, and watch your MLM business grow.

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