Friday, September 07, 2007

MLM/Network Marketing: Greatest Headlines 16-20

Whether you are in MLM/network marketing or any other type of business, these awesome headlines can work! Here are more for you: from Art Jonak:

Here are headlines #16 through #20 from the Top 50
''Greatest Network Marketing Headlines'' list:

16: '''How to get a $100 tax refund - every month!''

17: '''How much income tax do you want to pay next year?''

18: ''Increase your take-home pay $450!''

19: ''How to get the IRS to fund your next business venture.''

20: ''How you're getting taken to the cleaners -
and don't even know it!''

As you can see, the five headlines above all point
to the tax benefits of owning a home-based network
marketing business.

Some of the best headlines and first sentences are ones
that are *specific* to *your* product or company.

I create hundreds of headlines and first sentences specific
to my program, product and network marketing benefits . . .

. . . and I create these *specific* headlines in under
30 seconds!

Here's the best part -- you can too!

How do I do this? I use a simple headline creating
piece of software. To learn more about this amazing
software, visit:


See you at the TOP!

-Art Jonak

More to follow.

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