Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Network Marketing Information: How to Find Prospects

This is a great free network marketing information and tip from
Art Jonak. Art says:
"Prospects are everywhere. You just have to choose how
you would like to contact them.

There are lots of methods to locate and create prospects.

And all of the methods work - if you learn how to use the
method correctly.

Many times you hear distributors say:

''Advertising doesn't work.''

But is this true?

Of course not. We know advertising does work. If not,
who is paying for all those television commercials?
What the distributor should be saying is:

''My advertising doesn't work.''

Once the distributor takes that personal responsibility,
prospecting starts to make sense. If a distributor's
advertising doesn't work, then the distributor has two

1. Invest the time and money to learn how to make his
advertising work so that he can compete successfully
with other advertisers, or

2. If the distributor doesn't want to make that investment,
then simply choose a different method of prospecting.

If a distributor says:

''Direct mail doesn't work.''

Is that true?

Of course not.

Direct mail works. Look in your mailbox and you'll see
plenty of direct mail weekly. The truth is:

''That distributor's direct mail didn't work.''

Now the distributor has the same two choices as before.
Invest and learn how to make direct mail work, or choose
a different method.

What else doesn't work?

You'll hear distributors say:

''Internet marketing doesn't work.''
''Cold calls don't work.''
''Opportunity meetings don't work.''
''Referrals don't work.''
''Postcards don't work.''
''Bird dogs don't work.''

And the same truth applies to all of these methods of

Distributors must find a method of prospecting that
they enjoy, then learn how to use that method - or
pick another method.

The ''103 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors''
super-manual has plenty of methods and resources for

You won't like them all.

Some won't apply to your business or personality.

But the important thing is to find at least one method that
you can do - and then go out and build a powerful downline

Ready to get started?

If so, take advantage of our risk-free offer now so you
can learn how to sponsor more new distributors for life.


If you're not 100% convinced that ''103 Ways and Places To
Sponsor New Distributors'' will help you double or even triple
your sponsorship rate, then just send us an email and you'll
be issued a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked
- and you can keep the 6 gifts!"

-Art Jonak

Art always has useful information. Stay tuned for more!

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