Sunday, August 12, 2007

How to Leverage Google and Get Free Leads

I happened to listen to a conference call last night where Richard Dennis discussed how to get free advertising on Google.

Richard is well-known in the MLM industry for creating the "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie" tapes which sold 250 million copies. He also wrote "Tornado Warning" and has generated thousands of dollars per month in residual income from his MLM business.

While the call was primarily addressed to those in network marketing, the principles can be used in any business.

I thought I would share with you what was discussed. I have three pages of notes, so will have post a little at a time.


Richard first went over the following points:

1. Set goals. You must figure out where you want to be in two to five years from now. You must think about how many ways can people find you? You don't want to to be a slamming and hammering sales person since over 90% of the population dislikes that approach. You don't want to chase after people this way, but have THEM chasing after you. How will you do this? If you don't have a plan in place, Richard says you are not focused.

2. Name recognition. People need to know who you are. This does not happen immediately, but over time. Unfortunately, most people will quit before they ever reach this point, but for those who are committed, the will amply rewarded for their efforts. Therefore, you must plan right.

3. Systems. As you think about your strategy, you must have a system. You must be able to see who is on your list in a glance; have a contact manager, and be able to keep records. ( side note: I use a system for 19.95 a month that enables me to build my list by giving away a free resource, has email features, autoresponder, 8 splash pages, training on how to market as well as places to market, etc.).

4. Don't believe the hype the heavy hitters or guru's promote. We all have seen headlines about how people make thousands of dollars almost overnight. Many of them almost sound like these people got rich quick.

Richard says that in network marketing especially, it takes time to build a frontline with strong leaders; leaders who will retail and bring in other leaders for their teams. This does NOT happen overnight. It takes work. If you see promotions from others where they seemed to have skipped this step, there are three possible reasons:

a. The person sold audio tapes, some sort of report or system, where they claimed they did something.
b. They previously had a large downline and just transferred it into a new company.
c. The person has good name recognition. So, a MLM company asked them to promote their company, and gave them a huge downline. The heavy hitter than began to advertise for them.

The marketing strategy Richard recommends that can be used to get on the first page of Google as well as the execution of it will be covered in the next post.

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