Sunday, July 08, 2007

Solved: How Network Marketers and Direct Mail Marketers Can Overcome the 5 Biggest Problems

Today's post is part four of a five part series about how to overcome the 5 biggest problems we face when marketing our products or services. Chales Kangethe believes it's how to build trust. Let's take a look at tip number four on how to build trust.

5 Powerful Tips To Beat The Biggest Problem ALL Marketers Face by: Charles Kangethe

Tip #4 - Credibility

Prospects always seek comfort that they are doing the right thing.

It pays to use "borrowed" credibility if you are not a world recognised expert in your field. This is where testimonials enter the picture.

Here are a few ways in which you can obtain testimonials and build credibility with a new product or service :

* Give a few samples away to a test group in return for the testimonial

* Use functionally disabled or time barred samples as demo versions which you can give away to prospects

* Develop fully functional modules with less features than the standard product and give those away to prospects.

* Develop e-courses and other training programs showing prospects the benefits and training them in how to use and consume your products and services.

About The Author
Charles Kangethe of is a leading new wave Netpreneur and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources.

The last tip will follow in the next post.

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