Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Solved: The Biggest Problem MLM, Home-Based Business, and Direct Marketer's Face

Today's post is part two of a five part series about how to overcome the 5 biggest problems we face when marketing our products or services. Believe it or not, in this author's view, it's not things like a lack of traffic, list building, finding products, etc. Chales Kangethe believes it's how to build trust. Let's take a look at tip number two on how to build trust.

5 Powerful Tips To Beat The Biggest Problem ALL Marketers Face by: Charles Kange

Tip #2 - Products, Pricing, Promises and Personality

Sincerity in your contacts with prospects comes from applying the (modified) 4 p's of marketing.

* Products
Market the best products you can and never settle for second best. Add value and benefit to your prospect with quality merchandise. Resist the temptation to market "Cost Cutting" alternatives that are in fact more expensive due to their poorer real value.

* Pricing
Price your merchandise at a fair value for the producer, the consumer and the marketer. Over pricing your products is a self defeating tactic because prospects learn to avoid your pitch and with over high pricing you invite competition to under cut your cost and price base.

* Promises
Your sales literature and copy must be accurate and reflect the true benefits of your products and services. This does not mean you should be unduly modest, by all means make big claims, but make sure you can prove and demonstrate anything you promise.

Remember, in this context, any guarantee you give must be more solid than any Banks Vaults and worth as much as the contents of Fort Knox

* Personality
Inject your personality into your contact with prospects.
People love to do business with people they know. Avoid doing things you feel uncomfortable with, but do tell people about yourself, your failures, your wins, your hopes and your fears. Be the human face of you business and build a sincere relationship with prospects.

Charles Kangethe of http://www.simplyeasier.com is a leading new wave Netpreneur and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources.

These are great tips by Charles. Tip #3 will be in the next post.

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