Sunday, June 10, 2007

How to Use Articles to Market Your Home Business

For many internet marketers the favorite place to start is articles. Quite simply because it's such a perfect fit for building their opt in list and attracting traffic to their web site as well, because many people are looking for the content they are providing. People go online for the simple fact that they are searching for fresh content.

There are many webmasters using article submission sites to find content to use on their own website or newsletter. If you have a link to your website or business opportunity in some of these articles you will be rewarded with a backlink when they make use of the content you delivered on their web sites.

It's a pretty sure bet that anybody can do if they for instance write about their favorite hobby or passion. If you can tell a short story you can write an article!

If you decide to write an article you want it to draw peoples attention and gets them to act by for instance signing up for a newsletter (and thus building your list) or doing something else what you might want to mention in the resource section belonging to your article.

A great way to get people click through to your web page is to offer them a sequence of articles (after you have let them taste your first free article enabling them to get hungry for more) if they are willing to perform an act of lets say signing up to your newsletter or subscribing to for instance your members only site. It makes perfectly good sense for your visitors to take action if they enjoyed the first (free) article you offered and they want to learn more on the topic you presented.

Most articles miss the logic of this emotional driven appeal to find out more. By offering a 300 to 500 words appetizer you are appealing to peoples curiosity. Taking action for your audience is only a small step by then.

If you want to publish you article you can chose Article Directories. There are very many on the internet. But as a matter of caution I suggest that when you approach an article directories a good advice would be not to treat your article as a sales piece in stead of a content piece. The Article Directory might not be willing to accept the article you offered for inclusion in their directory. And you will go back to your writing board again.

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