Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to Find Potential Leaders for Your Network Marketing Business

In network marketing, true success is obtained when you find one true leader. This is someone who:

*will make sure their distributors order products at the end of the month.
*never complain about problems or areas of concern to their downline.
*never complains or whines to their upline sponsor or to their company
*has created his or her own goals
*willingly conducts opportunity meeting for you when you are away
*is in personal control of their attitude and does not let negative people and other outside influences control his success.

The question becomes, how do you sort through distributors who are interested in building a business and find that solid leader potential? In reality, it is not as difficult as you may think. Let’s take a close look at how this is done and save you wasting time on someone who is not really leadership material.
Tip Number One: Have the potential leader take the sincerity test. You likely are thinking, what is that? Well, all it is asking your potential leader how they feel about the business. Then, listen to their response, very, very carefully.

You see, there are three types of commitment. The first commitment is when somebody says, “We’ll I’ll try.” If your potential leader says this, it’s a bad sign. It’s a very weak commitment because your potential leader is really saying, “I’ll just do this now because it is convient. If doesn’t appear to require a lot of work” Then, if you talk to them more and they hear about some of the work involved, they might say something like, “I just want to get rich. I’m not worried about training.”. Now do you see why this person is not a true leader?

The second type of commitment is, “I’ll do the very best I can.” You also ask this person how they feel about the business and then listen. In reality , this person will do their very best. However, if his best does not take him to the top, he might say something like, “I did the very best I can. Too bad it didn’t work out.” Then, they might just quit. This is not a response you want to hear about a six month investment in helping them. What you really had was just a good distributor.

The last type of commitment is, “I’ll do whatever it takes.” You ask this person how they feel about the business and then listen. A true potential leader will not get discouraged and quit when his friends tell him “no”. He or she will think, I just need to talk to more people. If he talks to 100 people and nobody is interested, he says, “I just need to do more work on my presentation” or “It’s time for me to try a different marketing strategy.”

Now, can you see the difference with these three different level of commitments? Very few people will make a total commitment. However, when one does, you will know you have found a rare individual who you can invest your effort and time to help them.

Remember, it just takes one leader to make you financially independent. If you are blessed to and develop two leaders, then you have wealth. So, don’t waste time trying to help people who are not committed. You will end up frustrated, tired, and make no progress in your network marketing business. Instead, invest your valuable time in mentoring people who have total commitment and are eady to do what it takes. Doing this will take you on that road to success in your business.

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