Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finally Revealed: The No-Hype Insider Secrets to Network Marketing Success

As a veteran network marketer, you have lots of knowledge from the books, tapes, seminar materials, and training your company hopefully provides to its distributors. While all of this is wisdom is important, there really is only one no-hype insider secret to your success. It is so simple it might surprise you.

What is it? The real secret to network marketing success is building leaders and teaching/mentoring them to success. That’s it. You find one true leader and take it from there. It is important to do this since leaders make your life easy and financially independent.

While finding leaders is the key, in reality, this isn’t always easy. Why? Because finding true leaders are very, very rare. You see, a network marketing leader is someone who:

*will make sure their distributors order products at the end of the month.

*never complain about problems or areas of concern to their downline.

*never complains or whines to their upline sponsor or to their company

*has created his or her own goals

*willingly conducts opportunity meeting for you when you are away

*is in personal control of their attitude and does not let negative people and other outside influences control his success.

These are awesome leadership skills, and the truth is, if you have a real leader in your group, you are financially fortunate. If you have two leaders in your group, you are rich, and if you have three, four, or five leaders, you likely miscounted somewhere! That is how rare true leaders really are.

You can measure your success in network marketing by your leaders. Distributors will come and go so you can’t really build your business strictly on them. But with a leader, they will continue to recruit, build, and motivate their downlines. You will want to find a potential leader who works so diligently in your absence that you love to work with and mentor.

You are probably wondering where to find people who have the characteristics that are being discussed. The key is not to look for someone who already has these qualities, but someone who is dedicated and willing to develop the necessary skills for success while learning the business. You can tell this potential leader:

“If you are really sincere, and want to build a successful business with us, I’m going to make you successful. I’m going to work, work, and work some more with you until we get your group solid and your income to full-time potential.”

If you help this person for six months, they will think so highly of you, be so firmly grounded and committed that they wouldn’t thing of quitting and joining another company. You have therefore created security with your business. Use this approach with all of your leaders, and your network marketing business will be built on a rock solid foundation, plus continue to grow. You will develop in a network-marketing superstar!

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