Sunday, May 20, 2007

How to Use the "Nest Egg" Approach to Skyrocket Your Home Business Prospect Base

As a professional network marketer, you are well aware of various ways to approach prospects about your home business. However, did you know many networkers are using now using a very unique, low-key, and non-threatening approach? You could call this the “Nest Egg” approach. What’s the actual “Nest Egg”? Why retirement! As it turns out, this technique is very motivating. Here’s how it works.

First of all, you loan your prospect a copy of the book, “How To Get Rich Without Winning the Lottery.” These books are very inexpensive and run less than $1.50 per copy. So, you can afford to get plenty!

What this book does is explain how anyone can accumulate wealth using any of the strategies listed. Some of the strategies include:

-Spending less than you earn and investing the difference

-Earning more money by having a part-time job and investing the difference

-Starting a part-time business and investing profits

-Collect a network marketing check for what you already doing, and investing your profits

Can you see how effective this approach can be? Most people will immediately identify with one of these approaches and get excited about it! This is because they realize their “nest egg” can be built more quickly this way. Retirement could come much sooner rather than later! What you do is to just loan the book for three days and then go pick it up.

When you go pick it up, don’t be surprised if your prospect wants to add it to his/her personal collection. This is the ideal time for you to ask if they would be interested in doubling or tripling the amount they save. Nine times out of ten, their response will be an affirmative “yes”! Now, you can tell your prospect about your network marketing opportunity. They will be happy to listen to what you have to say because of the awesome information you shared with them by loaning them the book.

What really sells them on the idea is that they will be able to take the money from their network marketing business and add it to their “nest egg”. They will begin to view your home business opportunity as a vehicle that will assist them in reaching their retirement goals a lot faster. What also nice about this approach that you will end up with distributors who are stable and will most likely be with you for the long term.

So, take the step and begin to use the “Nest Egg” approach in your network marketing business today!

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