Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How to Avoid Recruiting the Wrong People To Your MLM Business

Sometimes, for those of us in MLM, it seems that we lose distributors like fly! We wonder why are people abandoning us like this!

The truth is, it's up to us to use this top secret in MLM. What is it?

Being SELECTIVE in your MLM recruiting will eliminate a tons of heartache and frustration and bringing in the wrong people and expecting them to explode, and they only disappear. This isnt' always easy.

Doug Fireball in his article on this topic says that:

"MLM Recruiting has always been and always will be a SEPARATING process: A process that separates the people who are open to a new idea from those who are not. Those are the only two types of folks that exist. Ones that embrace looking new ideas, and ones who resist them. Many times, folks who are CONVINCED to come into the business, but yet are not really sold on the idea of Network Marketing, fizzle out quickly"

Sounds kind of familiar doesn't it? Doug goes on to say that :

"All MLM recruiting is in a nutshell is looking for folks who are of the same philosophy that we are, and if they are not, make them a customer and get referrals.

Network marketing is a philosophy of personal growth, increase, success, helping others, making a difference, wanting the BEST out of life, and being open to new ideas and cutting-edge thinking.

Most folks are not even close to that, they simply drift through life. Why should it be any different in this mlm business? They simply drift through MLM"

Can you see why it is very important to carefully choose who will join us in our MLM business and who is coachable?

I know I can!

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