Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Four Tips to Get New MLM Distributors Set Up Right

Four Tips to Get New MLM Distributors Set Up Right

As a leader in your MLM organization, you know that your work is only beginning when a prospect joins and becomes a new distributor on your team. One of your tasks is to assist him or her in getting set up right.

Now, since we all know it is impossible to sell anything from a cart that is empty, we want to make sure our new team member do not start off handicapped! Here are four tips to help your new MLM distributors launch and build their teams, based on the four different areas of the business.

1. Personal Use: The quickest way to learn the business as well as be sold on it is for new distributors to actually use the company's products. If the person doesn't make an effort to use any products and does not believe in them, should you have even sponsored him or her in the first place? So, make sure your new folks are not only sold on at least 2-3 products, but also actually use them.

2. Retail Sales: It will be hard for a new distributor to make any sales if he or she has zero products to retail. Don't you think it will look bad when your new recruit approaches a customer to make a sale, and doesn't even have any product on hand? Therefore, it is important to remind your new MLM distributors to be supplied with some products when he or she starts their new home business.

3. Samples: Most companies have products that can be given as samples to potential customers. As a true leader, it is important that you lead your new team members by example. So, show them how to give away the free product samples to customers.

4. New Distributor Start-Up: This is similar to number three. When you start a new distributor in your MLM business, if he or she is a local person, the individual will need products as soon as he or she joins. If you plan on starting more than one person at a time, you need to have enough supply on hand to give to each of them. This is necessary because your new team members needs something to carry them until their first product shipment comes in. This approach also helps motivate your new distributor to keep their new home business in the forefront, to focus on getting the word out, and to start building their own teams. This step is crucial to getting your new team members started off right.

In summary, as a team leader, you want to do all you can to assist new distributors in starting their MLM home business right. They need to earn money by moving products, and, in return, to become even more motivated to be successful when sales are made. So, follow these tips and your new team members will be so thankful to you and your help!

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