Sunday, December 30, 2007

MLM Training: How To Write A Killer Ad Using These 10 Simple Tips

One essential piece of mlm training that will greatly benefit you in your business is developing copywriting skills. With the right ad copy, you will be able to attract many more prospects to your mlm product or service. Here are 10 simple tips to help you create a killer ad.

1. Always say it out loud before you write it. Talk it out first.

2. Call a good friend or business associate and explain your MLM product or service to them.

3. Record your conversation with them.

4. Transcribe your call onto a word document.

5. Analyze each sentence and ask yourself if it is a feature (what a product or service does), an advantage (over competitor), or benefit (what it does for a person).

6. Rate your sentences based on what was discussed in number 5.

7. Create a headline from your benefits. Use the benefits to tell your story, advantages to create interest, and features to add credibility.

8. In your ad copy, inform people how to order and why it is important to order right now.

9. Provide a reward for those people who take immediate action. 1

0. Rewrite your ad 5 different ways. Pick one and begin to advertise.

With these mlm training advertising tips, you should end up with a killer ad. While it seems like a lot of work, it will be well worth worth it in the end. So, test your ad, tweak it if needed at times based on your results, and then watch interested prospects come running to yo

Thursday, December 27, 2007

MLM Training: Don't Sell Your Product, Sell Benefits

Many of us in MLM are very excited about our products and services. It is great to be excited about what we have to offer. However, we need to be careful about our focus. Here is an mlm training tip: always focus on the benefit and not the product itself.

Many times in advertising, we see this when the focus is on the great features and along with detailed descriptions. While sometimes this is necessary when it comes to prospective clients making an informed decision, most times many people simply want to know what is in it for them.

Have you ever heard the saying that you can't see the forest for the trees? This analogy works perfectly here. For example, if you describe in detail how the forest is made up physically and don't tell about and describe how beautiful the entire forest is, you could be missing the folks who want to know more about how serene and gorgeous the forest is.

Let's use another example. Suppose there is someone who is looking for a good landscaper. What they do, the physical aspect of the job, is not really important. They do landscape a yard, but that's not necessarily what you or I am interested in. What you and I are interested in is if they are able to create a beautifully landscaped yard based on what we what we want.

If you and I were shopping for furniture, some of us might be attracted to price while others of us are more interested in the details of the materials used. Other potential customers base their decisions on the look of the furniture.

As you can see from these examples, while people do buy for various reasons, most of the time they are interested in how it benefits them. Overall, whatever your mlm product or service offers, follow this mlm traing tip where you focus solely on benefits, and watch your sales increase.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Free MLM Tip: 3 Fastest Ways To Get Traffic To Any Website

Getting decent traffic to your MLM website which features your opportunity is crucial if you are woking online. Here are three free mlm tips for you to use from expert Jim Edwards.

3 Fastest Ways To Get Traffic To Any Website

by: Jim Edwards

After all the debate over website design, shopping carts and credit card processors, every website owner eventually comes to the startling realization that they need one more thing to survive - website traffic!

Without website traffic it's the same as building an expensive billboard and, instead of placing it alongside a busy highway, hiding it in your *basement* where nobody can see it.

Upon realizing they need traffic, most website owners run out and start blowing chunks of money and time trying to get "hits," but they fail to grasp that there are really only three (3) reliable ways to get traffic to any website.

Method #1 - Buy Traffic Currently, the fastest way to get traffic to any website involves using the little classified ads on the right side of search giant Google's results pages.

Called Google AdWords, the system allows any advertiser to open an account with a $5 activation fee and start seeing their ads appear on Google within about 15 minutes.

Advertisers only pay when visitors actually click through from their ad on Google to their website or affiliate link. also sells traffic by the click, but they make you wait three to five days to go through their editorial review process before allowing ads to appear on their network.

You can also buy advertising on dozens of other pay-per-click search engines.

They all follow the same basic model of only charging advertisers for targeted visitors who read an ad based on a keyword search and decide to click through for more information.

Log on to for a list of over 600 choices ranked by market penetration.

A word to the wise on pay-per-click advertising: Watch your costs and track and measure everything. Even though you can get traffic for as little as a penny, you should track your results by search engine and by individual keyword if you want maximum success.

Many a company has lost its entire advertising budget paying only a nickel or a dime per click, but not watching their conversion rates and pouring money into keywords that don't convert... while neglecting the keywords that do bring sales (mainly because they don't know which is which!).

Method #2 - Borrow Traffic If you need traffic to a website, then borrow it from people who already have it... especially people with lists of loyal subscribers or traffic from search engines, affiliates, or other steady sources.

"Endorsed Mailings" and "Reciprocal Linking" by other people represent the two fastest ways to borrow someone else's traffic.

If they maintain a list of subscribers, convince them to send an email out to their people telling them why they should check out your site.

Also, negotiate a prominent link on their web pages to siphon off targeted visitors who find their website.

Often the best way to persuade someone to do this involves paying them a commission, agreeing to do a similar mailing, or providing a link to them on your site (or a combination of all three).

Imagine how much traffic you could get if someone with a list of 10,000 loyal subscribers told their people to go look at your website!

Method #3 Recycle Traffic The most economical way to get traffic involves turning one-time visitors into regular, repeat visitors that you direct to multiple sites over time.

You do this by pulling website visitors into your sphere of influence by enticing them to sign up for your newsletter, autoresponder sequence, or "mini-course."

Then you keep in contact with regular articles, special reports, and recommendations enticing them to visit your own and other people's websites.

Ultimately, every website owner should orient all of their marketing efforts towards this end of developing a stream of recycled traffic, because it costs the least and creates the best return on time and money invested.

It doesn't matter if you promote your own product, promote only as an affiliate, or some combination of the two... if you don't recycle traffic and get more than one hit out of each visitor, you're making one of the biggest mistakes anyone can make online.

About The Author

Jim Edwards is a syndicated newspaper columnist and the co-author of an amazing new ebook that will teach you how to use free articles to quickly drive thousands of targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links...

Need MORE TRAFFIC to your website or affiliate links? "Turn Words Into Traffic" reveals the secrets for driving Thousands of NEW visitors to your website or affiliate links... without spending a dime on advertising! Click Here>

Thursday, December 20, 2007

How to Get Leads for Your MLM Business

All professional network marketers want to learn how to get leads for their mlm business. As a matter of fact, this can be done pretty easily, and for free. The catch is to stand out from all the mlm competition out there. Here are 5 tips to help you stand out so that folks will come running to you.

Tip #1: You must specialize. Even if you are not doing this now, this must be part of your long-term plan. What you need to do is to pick an area in MLM that you can be better at than anyone else. In our industry, it is easy to get off track and use all kinds of different marketing methods. The problem is you can’t be the expert in everything. If you get spread too thin, you will know a little about lots of things, and be an expert in none. You must narrow your focus, and differentiate yourself from everyone else.

Tip #2: Brand yourself. You specialize in an area by branding yourself. There are many ways you can do this. Here are some examples for you to consider:

-Have your own ebook
-Use video marketing
-Use audios
-Develop your own software
-Host your own conference calls
-Offer specialized training calls for anyone no matter their mlm
-Develop your own free report

As you can see, there are many things you can do to brand yourself. Pick one or two and work to become an expert in that particular niche. You will be amazed at how easy it will be to get free leads for your mlm business when you do this.

Tip #3: Take a look at mlm industry leaders. There are many great leaders in our industry. However, instead of imitating them, do something different. You can become an industry leader simply by focusing on a different technique. For example, maybe in your particular company, none of the leaders are using videos to introduce people to the opportunity. What you can do is to create your own video series about your company and the life changing opportunity it provides. Videos are a great way for people to see you, as well as to learn to like and trust you. In other words, they are a great relationship building tool.

Tip #4: Become a policies and procedures expert. As you are likely well aware, many people in our industry do not take the time to evaluate a company’s policies and procedures before joining the business opportunity. Unfortunately, this can be a very costly mistake. So, you can be a great help to folks if you learn how to evaluate compensation plans and policies and procedures. Learn how to explain to people what a matrix, binary, aussie 2-up, uni-level, etc. plans are to help them make informed decisions. Many people are not getting this type of help. Once again, I think you will be surprised at how many free leads you will be able to get for your mlm business just by helping people. They will want to be on your team.

Tip #5: Brainstorm and pick a niche. If you still are pondering what to specialize in, here are additional ideas:
-Become an expert in personality types
-Become an expert in how to save on taxes with an mlm business
-Become an expert in article writing
-Become an expert in forum marketing
-Become a web 2.0 expert (e.g. how to make the best use of sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Ryze, Direct Matches, etc.).
-Become a blogging expert
-Become a local prospecting expert
-Become a diet club expert

As you can see, there are many things you can do to brand yourself.
Now, I hope you can clearly see how important it is for you to brand yourself in an mlm niche. If you do this, you will be able to generate lots of interest. In addition, you will be able to teach your leaders how to get free leads for their mlm business as well.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free Networking Marketing Information: Why Most Marketing Videos Don’t Work

Here is a great piece of free network marketing information I ran across not too long ago. As someone who is now getting into online videos, I found it helpful. I know you will as well.

Why Most Marketing Videos Don’t Work

by: Marie-Claire Ross

Every now and then I will meet someone who has commissioned a marketing video that did not work for their company. It is a sad state of affairs and it is avoidable.

Over the years, I have been given many failed corporate communications videos to watch and have found that they all suffer from one or more of the following problems.

1. A poorly written script

This would have to be one of the most common problems. The script provides the backbone to any video project and it must be perfect. It needs to be to the point, clear and interesting.

Often scripts get written in-house resulting in wordy and highly detailed pieces of prose that do not translate well onto the screen. Quite frankly, they are boring. Unfortunately, pretty shots and expert editing cannot hide a tedious narrative.

Worse still, is when the script goes back and forth and the content is played out in an illogical sequence. This results in no viewer being able to quickly understand your core marketing messages, if they can understand it at all.

Ideally, a script conveys the most important pieces of information that your target market wants to know and is written with an objective in mind.

2. The video is too long

In this day and age of high speed broadband and other time-saving devices, very few of us have attention spans that can handle information for more than a few minutes.

Any video over 10 minutes is destined to lose viewers after the first few minutes.

Yet, surprisingly there are many marketing videos today that are well over 12 minutes in length.

The best marketing videos are short and succinct. Yet, it is far easier to cram everything into a video than to make a short and concise one. In the words of Blaise Pascal, “The present letter is a very long one, simply because I had no leisure to make it shorter”.

3. “The “look mum I’m on TV” scenario

While some of us may cringe at the thought of a camera placed in front of us, there are many people who relish the opportunity to show their face on television.

This can result in corporate heads droning on incessantly about how wonderful their company is (and what a great job they are doing). Sadly, this does nothing else but soothe corporate egos and turn viewers away.

Few people realise that talking to a camera in an appealingly manner is a skill in itself. Having a CEO spieling boring corporate fluff while looking dumbstruck and awkward in front of the camera does not a good video make.

However, a charismatic business leader who uses short, punchy (and rehearsed) sentences can add tremendous impact and clout to a marketing video.

4. Poor production values

While watching your corporate video, your customers will be left with an impression of what type of business you are and what to expect when doing business with you.

A fast way to subconsciously get across the wrong image to your viewer is to have grainy pictures, poorly framed shots and sloppy editing.

A well thought out and professionally created television program will create a positive impression in the minds of your prospects. After all, we all watch television and we are used to broadcast quality productions, not wobbly and unfocused shots that scream ‘amateurish’.

To produce a good quality television program, it must be made using an experienced A-grade cameraman, a broadcast quality camera and a fully trained editor

5. Target audience is too diverse

Many marketing videos often try to get as many messages out to a diverse audience.

It is very difficult to produce a video that is ‘all things to all people’. After all, communicating to primary school students, overseas buyers and consumers all in the one video is an extremely difficult feat to pull.

Research has found that advertising that targets a number of market segments results in higher profits than advertising that sells to a mass market.

Likewise, marketing videos that target a small audience are more successful than those aimed at a large audience. It is often wise to produce several television programs for different audiences, rather than cram all of your messages into one confusing video.

6. Let’s do a video, just because we can!

It might seem far-fetched but there are companies that embark on commissioning a marketing video without really assessing if they need one.

This can be due to a number of reasons such as using up available budgets, satisfying corporate egos and employees creating work for themselves.

You are probably wondering why a video communication producer would even complain about this situation. The answer is simple.

A marketing video is an effective tool to increase sales in a company. It is actually painful and embarrassing to watch a video that is a shameless waste of company money.

Poorly produced videos might line the pockets of some video producers, but they do little to convince future clients that they are worthwhile.

If you are in the market for a marketing video, make sure you follow these simple guidelines to ensure your project is a success, rather than destined for the rubbish bin.

© Marie-Claire Ross 2004. All rights reserved.

About The Author

Marie-Claire Ross is one of the partners of Digicast. Digicast works with organisations who are not satisfied that their marketing and training materials are helping their business grow. She can be contacted on 0500 800 234 (Australia wide) or at The website is at

I hope you have found this free network marketing information helpful!

Friday, December 14, 2007

MLM Business: Why It's Best to Avoid "Jumping The Gun"?

If you are a professional network marketer and building your mlm business online, I am sure you have seen and received many offers to join a pre-launch network marketing company.

Many times, the offers and packages seem incredible and you are given the impression you would be crazy if you didn't join. However, the last thing you want to do is to "jump the gun" and get in on the deal. Here is why you must never overlook "timing in the company and timing in the industry.

You see, did you know that over 90% of start up companies don't last over two years? Start up companies have to go through growing pains. They have to work through software problems, and make sure their overall systems are up and running smoothly. If it really is a great mlm business opportunity, it should be ten times better after the two years are up. Then, if you are still inclined, you can join without having to worry about the business folding.

Let me give you a real life example of why this "timing in the company and timing in the industry" principle is so important. A number of years ago, there was a company called Excel. Excel came about after the federal government deregulated long distance here in the USA. This gave more companies the opportunity to get in business. These companies were really just reseller's of long distance packages. Excel happened to be one of them.

What happened with Excel is that all of the people who joined in the first two years didn't make it. This is because the three main telephone companies weren't that cooperative in letting go of their customers. Excel had to go through litigation until finally customers who desired were able to switch to Excel. So, as you can imagine, nobody who was a distributor was making money at this time.

Next, what happened was that Excel started to get lots of competition from other reseller companies who came in on the scene. Everyone bought time from the three big companies wholesale and then sold it retail to customers. So, the market became saturated.

Then, the dawn of what I call the "flat rate" arrived. People could pay a flat rate for their phone service, TV, and cable, internet, etc. and not to have to worry about having outrageous phone bills. This caused the reseller companies like Excel to have no margins left for profit. I am sure you can think of other companies that have gone through this. There are lots of things that used to cost loads of money, but now can be bought very cheaply, or in some cases, for free. Look at how much the cost of computers have gone down!

The above story is an example of what can happen to a mlm business. So, it is important for you as a distributor to carefully consider if you want to take a gamble and join a pre-launch company. Remember that if it is a solid opportunity, it still should be going strong after two years. This is why it is best to not "jump the gun"!

Friday, December 07, 2007

MLM System: Does Your MLM Company Fit the Bill?

There are many mlm systems out there that claim to show you the right way to build your business. However, unfortunately, the system that some promote is simply making a list of your friends or family and buying leads. As I’m sure you have found out, this really is not a system.

I use a free mlm system and mlm tool that is duplicatable to build my business. It is so simple anyone can use it whether they are new or a veteran. It also is educational and teaches what the mlm industry is all about.

One of the most powerful things I have learned is how to evaluate whether a company has five crucial supports in place for distributors to be successful. I will talk briefly about what the most crucial foundational support is and why, if not in place, nothing else matters.

This important foundation is company management experience with integrity. This means if the company founders have experience being a distributor somewhere in their past. Have they worked the opportunity meetings, spent time on the road, met face to face with prospects, etc.? Company management that has this experience are usually very “distributor friendly” because they walked in your shoes. Their pay plan will be excellent and it will be very easy to build a business with them because lots of care and support will be in place to help you be successful.

If the company management are just fortune 500 CEO’ who got into MLM just because they hear it’s another fantastic way to make money, want to have investor’s involved and all that, it is going to be difficult for you since they have no true experience.
You may be thinking how do I find this information? All you need to do is a Google search. Read what other people are saying about them and find out what they have done in the past. It shouldn’t be difficult to find what you need.

The mlm system that I use also teaches people how to take a very close look at a company’s policies and procedures. Please do this before you join any company. If you see things such as on-going sponsoring, on-going recruiting, and required sponsoring numbers for a month, etc., this clearly shows the focus is on getting more and more people in on the deal instead of there being a healthy balance of retailing and sponsoring. You do not want to be a sponsoring machine with no true residual income.

A good clue if the company is “distributor friendly” is if the policies and procedures are short. This means there is low overhead and therefore more money can be put back in the compensation plan for you the distributor. If policies and procedures are pages and pages long and lots of it looks like Greek, look out! This usually means there is lots of overhead with much less money that can go in to the compensation plan, meaning you will not get paid the way you should.

Company management experience with integrity is just one of the 5 foundations a company needs to have in place for you to be successful. The mlm system that I use, which is free, teaches about this as well as provides other useful information. It is a great mom tool that anyone can use no matter what company they are with. I wish you success in finding the right mlm system for you business.

Fortunes can be made or lost with network marketing. Many of the secrets to profiting with MLM are not written in your company’s training guide. Get the must have training guide at

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free Network Marketing Leads: Just Ask This One Quesion

There are many ways to generate free networking marketing leads. Tom, BIg Al, Schreiter, is a master in this area. Here is a mini-report I received from him that discusses how you can ask this one question to generate a free network marketing lead:

"I was at a restaurant in Charleroi, Belgium with my friend,
Jean-Philippe. After ordering our drinks, Jean-Philippe
asks the waiter:

"Are you married to your job or are you open-minded?"

Everyone wants to be considered as having an open mind,
so the waiter responds:

"Yes, of course I am open-minded. You know, this
job doesn't pay enough for me."

Jean-Philippe gives the waiter his card and casually says:

"We'll talk later."

This opening sentence opens the door for you. Not only
will the prospect be more receptive to hearing a presentation,
your prospect will also try to give your presentation a fair

What more can you ask for?

Simple sentences and questions like this will build
your business. Network marketing leaders work hard on
perfecting these sentences and questions.

Later in the day, Jean-Philippe and I were back at the
same restaurant. The waiter was still working. He was
supposed to get off work hours earlier. And he was busy.

In fact, he was the only waiter and the restaurant was
was very crowded.

When the waiter sees Jean-Philippe, he smiles. He knows
he wants to talk to Jean-Philippe. He is motivated.

So what do you do next?

You could set an appointment to talk to the waiter
when he gets off work. You could give the waiter your
card and tell him you will call later.

Or, you could invite the waiter to a conference call,
an opportunity meeting, or even set an appointment
to visit with your sponsor in person or via a
three-way call.

Maybe you could just give the waiter a CD to listen
to on his way home.

Or, just give the waiter your "One-Minute Presentation"
- and then if he was interested, you could talk more
when the waiter had a break.

If you don't have a good "One-Minute Presentation" -
you can get the no-cost e-course on exactly how to do
it at:

So try using:

"Are you married to your job or are you open-minded?"

And watch your prospects' eyes light up while they
imagine a better life.

Watch your inbox for more amazing, easy sentences from
me that will create new, hot prospects.

- Tom "Big Al" Schreiter

P.S. Don't keep these mini-reports a secret! Plus,
the weekly Big Al Report has more great ideas.

Please tell your networking friends to subscribe
to the Big Al Report. All they have to do is to
go to and fill in
their info."

Do you see how easy it can be to generate free network marketing leads for your mlm business? Why not try this today?!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

MLM Tool: My Story on How I Found A Free Tool to Build A Successful MLM Home Based Business.

I wanted to share with you my story about a free mlm tool that I found that I’m currently using to build my mlm business.

I’m from the USA and live in the state of Virginia. Because of where I was raised in my childhood, I have always loved country living and being out in nature. So, my current country home in Gore, VA suits me well.

During my childhood, I also discovered something very interesting about myself. At any early age, when we were pre-teens, my sister and I were asked to help out in the children’s division at our church. Though we both were nervous at first, we soon discovered that helping and working with little ones was fun and we were happy to do it. I continue to do this these years later.

As I grew older, this enjoyment of helping others, especially young people, guided me to become a licensed clinical social worker and behavior specialist for young people with developmental disabilities. While my job can be challenging, it also has great rewards when I see a young person make significant progress in their life.

Some years ago, I began to think about earning residual income from home. The book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kyiosaki, and other books that I read, increased my desire and excitement to take action and find a good home based business opportunity. So, I became involved in networking marketing. This was an easy decision for me since Kyiosaki recommended it and it fit my desire to help others.

At first, I was excited about being a network marketing distributor with a well-known company. But after a time, I began to encounter some difficulty. It seemed that advice I was given was not working. I was told to make a list of my friends and family, and buy leads. There also didn’t seem to be a system in place or a mlm tool that anyone could use successfully to build their business.. Something seemed to be missing and I wasn’t sure what it was. I struggled for about a year and then just gave up and quit out of sheer frustration.

One day after joining a internet social networking site, I found a friend. I shared with this friend my experience and my “why”; why I still desired to earn residual income from home. He began to teach me about the mlm business without pitching me on his company or any other company. My friend told me it wasn’t my fault that I had failed and introduced me to a system he uses successfully that is not based on selling. My friend said that this system provides unconditional support with an emphasis on helping others become successful in their business; that is educates people on the MLM industry with no strings attached.

I began to think that this is what I was missing in my previous network marketing venture.

Hearing my friends’ story resonated with me since all my life I have enjoyed helping others and I feel good when I do so. So, I decided to take a closer look at this system, appreciated what I saw, and decided to become a part of this special team. The other good news is that this system was instrumental in helping me find a solid MLM home.

What’s beautiful about this mlm tool, is that is a system is that you do not have to work 24-7. You can spend 1-2 hours a day if that’s all the time you have and still see success. I really needed this since I work full time and only can work a few hours per day.

What’s also cool about this is that you can have lots of fun doing it. I can still do all the things I enjoy in my personal life, plus I can help and teach others what I learn and do so they can be successful too.

So, this is my story about a mlm tool, which is a free system called Mentoring for Free, that I found to help me successfully build my mlm home-based business. This system has changed my life and business. I wish you success in yours as well.

Fortunes can be made or lost with network marketing. Many of the secrets to profiting with MLM are not written in your company’s training guide. Get the must have training guide at

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Network Marketing Distributor: The Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

As a network marketing distributor, you want to have a number of tools in your aresenal when marketing online. If you desire to use the Internet to build your business, this can do wonders if you are looking to have success online. When you talk with people online, you will hear an equal amount of people who have failed and succeeded. The difference between the two is minimal, but there are some simple mistakes that can be costly. Here are 5 affiliate program mistakes to avoid.

1. Not having a plan:
With the internet changing as frequently as it does, it is essential that you have a plan of some sort. While your plan is certain to change with the internet, having a plan will prepare you for what is to come. If you know where you want to take your mlm opportunity, bumps and curves along the road will only momentarily throw you off.

2. Selling the program:
As a network marketing distributor, sometimes, it can become quite easy to get caught up in the game and begin to sell the program or products. MLM is not a sales business. It is a relationship business. People have to know, like, and trust you first. Then, and only then, and only if they are looking for your product or service or desire to start a business, can you share with them.

3. Going through the motions:
There is nothing worse than a salesman that is going through the motions and appears to be looking at a sheet of paper with guidelines. If you want to have success with an internet marketing , you have to have passion and believe in what you are part of. This is not to say that every person you talk to is going to sign up or purchase something. But you will sound so much more influencing if you believe in what you are saying.

4. Moving to quickly:
While time is money on the internet, each customer is potential money as well. Take the time to talk with prospects so that you leave a lasting impact on them. Jumping from one customer to the next too quickly will do nothing for you. If you show each prospect that you truly care about them and their needs, they will be more inclined to listen. From there, you can sell your product on a more personal level and give them reasons for how your product can truly benefit them.

5. Be yourself:
The last thing you want to do is look artificial and fake. If you want to have success, personalize your MLM opp page and show people you are an individualistic. There are thousands of affiliate network marketing distributors that use the same page that are identical; mix things up and make yours stand out.

As a network marketing distributor who is looking to build your business online, there are hundreds of things you can and should try to avoid with your internet marketing. However, try not to get too caught up in worrying about these things. You are going to make mistakes, but try to move on without a hesitation. These are a few of the mistakes you may encounter along the way. But as long as you remain confident and goal-oriented, you will set yourself up for success using Internet marketing as a MLM business building tool.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Free MLM Tip: Conduct Effective Keyword Research in As Little as 15 Minutes with These 6 Tips

This is a free mlm tip if you are a network-marketing distributor who is using Internet marketing strategies to build your business.

I am sure you have heard about the importance of doing keyword research before you do any type of online marketing whether it be blogging, article writing, creating online videos, using classified advertising, etc. If you fail to find the right keyword for your webpages, articles, blog, or whatever medium you are using to get the word out, you will find your all your hard work will fall rapidly into obscurity in the Google world.

Here are 6 tips you can follow to conduct keyword research that will assist you in getting your pages into the top ranks on Google.

*With any keyword research tool whether it be Wordtracker, Overture, SEO Book, etc., it is best to let the tool tell you what the market place is looking for. For example, instead of using a phrase like "prices for antiques", instead type the word "price" and see what comes up.

*Began to think of keyword research as more than just searching for the right word. Instead, use topics of interest and watch what interesting results you will get. This will show the search behavior and industry related trends. For example, if you type in the word "locate" in Wordtracker, you will get some results like
"Where can I locate someone in the UK".

*Here's another free mlm tip for your keyword research. Research words that may seem very common place. Many times you will be amazed at what people are searching for. For example, you could use "free", "draw", etc. Try typing that into the keyword research tools and see what interesting results come up. They very well could fit your niche.

*Work on not trying to be too analytical and logical. Brainstorm random ideas and common words. Using Wordtracker as an example again, typing "why" into the search bar will come up with results such as "why shouldn't people smoke", "why do people use terrorism", etc.

*Do research based on what question people are asking about on the Internet. Examples such as "what does your body fat percentage mean", "how to fix and ipod if it shows error", etc., are what some people are looking for. If you can provide answers to people questions, you can build relationships and likely make sales if you have a product that fits their need.

*Many of the keyword suggestion tools have acronym functions in them that you can check. Always take advantage of these tools.

As a network marketer who uses Internet marketing strategies to build your business, make sure you follow these free mlm tips to ensure you get targeted traffic to your site.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Network Marketing Distributors: 6 Tips to Develop Top MLM Best Practices

As a network marketing distributor, it is always important to keep abreast of the current best practices to ensure on-going business and growth. Here are the 6 best practices that many top mlm leaders are using to successfully build their businesses.

*Always have a advertising budget whether you are marketing online, offline, or doing a combination of both. Advertising is essential to your business life and growth. Stick to your budget for a year so that you will have on-going momentum. At the end of the year, evaluate how you have done and make adjustments as needed.

*Keep in contact with your team. You can touch base with them on a regular basis by phone or by email. This is an important best practice strategy to implement, especially for those on your team who are serious team builders. Your team members joined, hopefully, because they know, like, and trust you. This doesn't stop after they join you, so keep in close contact. Once your team grows, you likely will not be able to talk and work with everyone 1:1. However, you can still work closely with your top leaders and teach them how to work with their people. This ensures strong support throughout the team.

*Be consistent with lead generation. As a network marketing distributor, having a constant influx of interested prospects in your pipeline is necessary. It is also important to make sure that the system you use to attract prospects is duplicatable. In other words, it should be so simple that a veteran or someone just starting out can use successfully.

*Build leaders and make them successful. You want to hear from your business builders, "I'll do whatever it takes", and not "Well, I'll just try and give it a shot." The second response usually means if things don't work out for the person, they very well may quit. Leaders also make sure their distributors order products. They never complain to their upline or downline, and have their own aspirations, goals, and drams. True leaders also will run a meeting if you are away. You want to build leaders with strengths such as these on your team.

*Have a written plan. As a professional network marketing distributor, always write out your plan and how you desire to achieve your goals. Do this on a weekly basis, work it, and then review it at the end of the week. If you are not satisfied with how things turned out, make adjustments for the following week.

*Discover the marketing practice that works best for you and become really good at it. This may be article writing, blogging, creating on-line videos, e-zine advertising, etc. If you are not sure what you want to do, implement what is working for others until you find what works best for you.

Becoming a successful network marketing distributor and leader does involve following the best practices others are using with great success. Study them, implement them consistently, and watch your business experience on-going growth.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Free MLM Leads - Getting Free Leads is As Easy as Catching Fish in a Fishbowl

As a network marketing distributor, one of the best things you can do is to generate your own free MLM leads. The key is to make sure they also are targeted. Did you know this can be as easy as catching fish in a fishbowl?

You can try this easy technique to get as many free mlm leads as you want. How- you might ask? Just use your local area's restaurants. Many of your local restaurants are always trying to drum up new business plus keep the regulars coming back. One of the ways they do this is by having drawings for a free lunch. So, what they do is set out a fishbowl and have people place their business cards in them. Then, the drawing occurs at some point.

What happens after the drawing is that usually the business cards are thrown away. What you can do is approach the restaurant manager and ask what is done with those cards after the drawing. You usually will hear they just throw them away. You then could offer to take them off their hands. You should leave with quite a few. On the business card you will find their name, company, business addresses and daytime phone number. There sometimes is a home phone number as well and their occupation.

Here is how you approach the people without getting the restaurant in trouble. You can do a note along these lines:

You Finally Won!

Do you remember dropping off your business card to get a free lunch at _____________ (name the restaurant).

I'm sorry to say you did not win and get the free lunch this week, but you are in luck because you win something else! You won the runner up prize sponsored by my company. Just for leaving your business card, here is your coupon for a free ( name your prize).

This_________________ will

*Benefit 1
*Benefit 2
*Benefit 3

Call me at (your phone number here) to redeem your prize in 5 days!

Your Name

What you give your free mlm lead can be any number of things. Here are some examples:

* Your company's latest health product at a deep discount
* A free marketing report you have created
* A free sample

Since many people will be too busy to claim their prize, you can give them a call or stop by for a visit. The fish bowl technique is a great way to attract free mlm leads. Plus, if you want prospects with real business experience, this is the perfect strategy to use. So, go find a local restaurant that offers free giveaways to business people and you will surely get great prospects for your business.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Book in Network Marketing: Find MLM Success in 10 Steps, Part II

Book in Network Marketing: Find MLM Success in 10 Steps, Part II

This is the second in a two article series about how a book in networking marketing that I read about give you the blueprint for MLM success. The author, a veteran of the industry, shares his experience based on over 28 years in the industry. He shares what he feels are the ten steps that network marketing distributors need to follow to find success. Here are the last five out of the ten steps:

-Learn how to think like a prospect. All any of your prospect are thinking is “Can I do this and will you help me?” So, this is all about you and not the company or products. Your prospects have to see that you will be with them every step of the way.

-Make sure there is a duplicatable system in place. Each person is unique. Most of us can’t imitate what the heavy hitters and gurus do. Instead, you need a system that anyone can use no matter their skill level. It should also be on that the average part-timer can use just as successful y as the full-timers. It is essential that this is in place.

-Make sure you can answer the “so, what” question. This covers many areas of your business. The most important “so, what” question you have to answer is if why your prospects should choose you over thousands of other business opportunities. You have to make an impression on them they will never forget.

-You must learn to evaluate a MLM compensation plan. In this book on network marketing, this was one of the crucial steps. Many people don’t realize they are doomed from the get go because the compensation plan the company has does not work with the numbers. It must work for the average part-timers, and must not be based on having to constantly sell and close people. This is the recipe for disaster for most people. Bottom line, know your compensation plan and if it will work not only for you, but for those you sponsor.

Hopefully, you now have clear view from this book in networking marketing about what you need to do to find success. Focus on the steps and you will be pleasantly surprised how your business will expand.

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Book in Network Marketing: You Can Find MLM Success in 10 Steps

Book in Network Marketing: You Can Find MLM Success in 10 Steps

There are many books on networking marketing available on the internet as well as offline. Many of them are excellent and provide network marketing distributors helpful information. Others are walking advertisements full of affiliate links of programs the author recommends so he can make a buck.

Awhile back, I came across a book that takes a different spin. I was introduced to it by a friend and was pleasantly surprised to see it didn’t involve sales pitches for any company. There even weren’t any products mentioned or recommended. The author’s sole purpose seemed to be to share his over 28 years of experience in MLM and to discuss what he views as a solid 10-step success plan for those involved in network marketing.

In his book on network marketing, in a nutshell, here are the 10-steps of advice to think about in order to find mlm success. Here are the first five out of the 10:

-Take the “heavy hitters” and “guru’s” advice and words with a grain of salt. Do discover if the MLM company founders, presidents, and other top guns have experience and have build a downline successfully in the past. If you carefully study the company’s policies and procedures, it will be very clear if the company management is one of experience and integrity. This is the most important step of all.

-Have a powerful “why”. You must believe and know with your whole being why you want to be involved in the business. Just like other parts of your life, your business will have ups and downs. If you don’t have a strong enough “why” with staying power, and you find that what you are doing isn’t working, you’ll have the courage to figure something else out. If you have no idea why or are unsure, you will not last and quit.

-Build a spiderweb. You will get the most success if you build and create a huge network of people you have helped and mentored. In return, you will have gained their loyalty and trust and they will stick with you.

-Network marketing is a relationship business. It’s not about using the best or hottest closing technique on people, and recruiting as many as you can so you can make tons of money. It’s about helping, mentoring, and teamwork. It’s about relationships. Make sure your company owners realize this and don’t push a sales job type of opportunity.

-Relate to others based on their personality. Each person in life has a unique personality. If you learn to talk to people based on this, you will find it much easier to build relationships both in business and in your personal life.

This book on networking, Success in 10 Steps, clearly outlines a blueprint for all those in MLM to be successful. Follow these first 5 steps of advice and you will be on your path to success.

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Free MLM Tip: How to Get An Appointment With A Prospect

I subscribe to Tom, Big Al, Schreiter's ezine and get tons of free mlm tips. Here is one just for you from the desk of Big Al.

Mini-Report #1:

To get an appointment for an instant presentation with
a prospect, simply say this:

"I got a good story. Takes about two minutes.
Might make you a lot of money, might not.
Want to hear it?"

Almost 100% of the people you talk to will want to hear
your two-minute story. I love this sentence, and it has
made me a fortune.

Why does this sentence work?

1. Everyone wants to hear a good story.

2. If it is only two minutes, it is safe
for them to listen to the story.

So what do you do next?

Well, just give them your "One-Minute Presentation" -
and then if they are interested, you can talk longer.

If you don't have a good "One-Minute Presentation" -
you can get the no-cost e-course on exactly how to do
it at:

So try using:

"I got a good story. Takes about two minutes.
Might make you a lot of money, might not.
Want to hear it?"

And watch your prospects' eyes light up while they lean
forward, eagerly awaiting your story.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Free Network Marketing Leads: Use These 5 Online Resources to Attract Leads

As a network marketer distributor, you could always use free network marketing leads. Online today, there are some great free and/or dirt cheap online resources you can use to promote your MLM. Let’s take a look at 5 online resources.

1. Traffic Exchanges. If you are new to online marketing, traffic exchanges can be a good place to start. You will need to make sure you use a tabbed browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. These types of browsers enable you to use multiple traffic exchanges at a time. While traffic exchanges aren’t as effective as they used to be, if you can find one where all members are credited for visiting each other’s site, that’s the way to go. One such traffic exchange is Traffic Swarm.

Now, to stand out on a site like Traffic Swarm, do not advertise your affiliate link like everybody else. What you want to do is to create your own splash page and use it to revert to an affiliate link. On your splash page, state a key benefit so that your visitors will be willing to click on the link that leads to your affiliate site. This method is the best way to use traffic exchanges.

2. Safe L ists. Anywhere from 4-6 years ago, safe lists were a great resource and a good way to get free network marketing leads for your business. However, they are not as effective as they used to be. Your best hope is to find a credit based safe list, and the best method within the list is to use a solo ad. A solo ad will have your advertisements stand alone. Do not spend money on your solo ad until you know your copy results in adequate clicks. The best thing to do is to test your ads with the traffic exchanges and free classifieds before using a safe list solo ad.

3. Classified advertising. There are many free online classified sites on the internet. When done correctly, they can be a good resource to get free network marketing leads for your business. Advertising on sites such as Craig’s List can be quite effective. To find additional sites, all you would need to do is a Google search for “online classified”.

What you want to do is write something that people will want to read. The only way to do this is to test headlines, your ad bodies, etc. Free classifieds are a great way to get back links to your MLM affiliate site. So, even if you ads don’t get lots of clicks, it’s still worth your time to post because of the back links you will receive.

4. Ezine ads. This type of advertising can be hit and miss. Always do your research first by signing up for the ezine to check the content. In addition to the content, you need to see if ads are run multiple times which could be a good indicator or response. As with safe lists, solo ads work best with ezine advertising though it is the most expensive option. Top ads can work well too. It’s best not to do anything under a top ad since middle and bottom ads are not nearly as effective.

5. Articles. Article writing is a great way to become known as an expert in your niche. They also create awesome back links for your affiliate site. Before starting an article, make sure you do keyword research (3 word phrases are the best). In addition, you must check the search volume by checking the Google competition. They keyword phrase you choose should be in the headline as well as mentioned in the article body. If you do this right, it is not difficult to get on the first page of Google

As you can see, using these 5 key strategies can get you free network marketing leads, or leads very inexpensively. Pick a few strategies that you think you would like to implement and watch your MLM business grow.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Network Marketing Distributors: Four Top Online Marketing Methods That Equals Targeted Traffic

Network Marketing Distributors: Four Top Online Marketing Methods That Equals Targeted Traffic

Whether you are a new network marketer distributor or a pro, is looking to market your MLM business opportunity online, there are certain traffic generating strategies you can use effectively. These are pay per click, social networking sites, blogs, and videos.

-Pay Per Click. You may have heard horror stories about people who have used PPC advertising and lost a bundle of money. It is true that if you have no clue about what you are doing, you will lose money. However, for those who take the time to get educated before diving in blindly, PPC’s can be a great way to get very targeted traffic .

-Social Networking Sites. Web 2.0 is all the rage today. Communities such as Adland Pro, Direct Matches, Orkut, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, and numerous others are growing every day. For any network marketing distributor, a membership with a web 2.0 site can be very effective if you do it right.

There is one thing you must remember with these sites: never, ever, advertise your company and pitch people on it. This bears repeating: never, ever, advertise your company and pitch people on it. You might be thinking, “everybody does it”. My response would be “how do you think that is working for them”? You see, most people on sites such as Adland Pro, Direct Matches, Ryze, and others are already in a business and are not interested in being pitched to join yours. For people who use the hard selling sales technique, they will find web 2.0 memberships get them nowhere fast.

What works beautifully is if you offer something of value that will help other members fix whatever problem they are struggling with. Create the best profile you possibly can with your story and just promote yourself. Use a picture and do not lie and stretch the truth about anything. Build relationships with other members. If you make use of your membership using this approach, you will be much more successful.

-Blogging. Blogs are a great way to create traffic. It’s best to host your own on your own server though platforms such as blogger and wordpress can be used if you that is all you can do. Google loves blogs, so the more often you post quality content, the better it will be rated.

With your blog, it is important to keep the subject narrow. You can also create backlinks to come back to your blog posts. This simply means that with any type of online advertising that you do, make sure you include a link to your blog.

-Online Video. Online video is huge on the internet right now and will continue to be so. You can use a video to get your story out there. People love to hear stories and you will find that people will connect with you just based on your story. You may be thinking “I don’t have a story”, but everyone does. If you really can’t think of anything, you can use someone else’s such as your mentor’s. You will be pleasantly surprised at the response you get if you create your story, put it on video, and then submit it to You Tube. People will want to talk to you.

These are just four of numerous online marketing methods you can use as a network marketing distributor. Become an expert in a handful of strategies that work for you and watch your online presence as well as business grow!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Network Marketing Distributors: How to Discover if Your MLM Compensation Plan Has Breakage

Network Marketing Distributors: How to Discover if Your MLM Compensation Plan Has Breakage

All network marketing distributors want to be involved in a MLM opportunity they can build right and big the first time and then retire. However, for many people, this dream seems to be quite elusive. They struggle and fall so much that they give up. The truth is, if the cards are stacked against you in the first place, you’ll just not be able to make it.

You see, you very well could be involved in a company’s whose negative business model drives negative and unsuccessful results in the field. You probably are wondering what I am talking about. Let’s take a close look at how a compensation plan can be a huge factor in this.

One thing you want to make sure of is that you NEVER have any breakage in your compensation plan. Breakage is simply money that is supposed to go to you, the distributo per the plan, but somehow reverts straight back to the company.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say there are three companies:

Company X: huge and publically traded

Company Y: huge, many years in business, but not publically traded

Company Z: been around for 5 years, but much smaller in dollar volume and number of distributors when compared to X and Y.

Keep in mind that one thing we do know is that the most experienced, successful, and proven companies which sell identical products with identical ingredients, the wholesale costs should be within nickels of each other.

But, for some reason, check out what happens:

Company X: product sells for $116 retail

Company Y: product sells for $104 retail

Company Z: product sells for $40 retail

Hmmmmmm. Not looking too good is it? As a matter of fact, it looks like companies X and Y’s distributors are going to have a difficult time selling their pricey products. Herein lies the problem. If you ask any network marketing distributor if they have ever sold a product at retail price, many times the answer is “no”. This is because of the steep price. So, the reps for these two companies have no choice but to keep signing up distributors (who catch a break with a wholesale price) because most average folks can’t afford that ridiculously high retail price!

You might be asking, why such a huge price disparity? Well, let’s see. Company Y, while not publically traded like company X (set up before the internet) has excellent customer service. Company Z, formed just a few years ago, has an automated model without tons of phone operators. As a matter of fact, about 97% of their orders are placed online.

The end result is that company X and Y have huge overhead costs such as personnel, salaries, training, insurance policies, workman’s compensation, vacation time, etc. As you can imagine, this can be quite expensive!

So, how can company Z retail the EXACT same product for $40? Well, it is simple. The overhead is thousands of dollars lower. Unfortunately, since the network marketing distributors in companies X and Y can’t retail products, they constantly have to recruit so that people can join and get the wholesale deal.

Are you beginning to see why there is so much frustration and failing going on in many mlm companies? The breakage is sucking the life out of network marketers distributors paycheck and going straight back to the companies to cover costs. They are forced to recruit, recruit, and recruit more instead of having a plan where there is a nice balance between retailing and recruiting.

So, do some research. Compare you compensation plan with other companies. Make sure there is NO breakage. If there is, it very well could be that it’s time find a new home.

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Free MLM Tip: Use Gift Certificates to "Lock-In" Prospects

Tom Schreiter is a legend in the MLM industry. He has great resources available that has tons of free network marketing information and free mlm tools.

This tips is taken from his 77 More Hot Prospecting
Ideas' series.

Tip #61: Gift certificates to 'lock-in' prospects.

Two great reasons to use gift certificates in your

1. Not only will prospects and customers use them for
personal use, they can also give the certificates to
others. This expands your market beyond your personal
contacts. It's like having other people do the
prospecting for you.

2. If your prospect has a gift certificate or discount
coupon, he certainly won't want to pay full price to a
competitor. You can expect a call from a hot, motivated

Some examples of gift certificates or coupons that you could create?

* $10 off your first long distance telephone
* Free bottle of minerals when you buy one
bottle of vitamins.
* Free dinner for two includes miracle diet
samples and video.
* Lipstick and full facial for only $1.
* Free car wash while attending our 30-minute
business briefing.

Use these free mlm tips to get your prospects motivated and interested in your business!

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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Free MLM Tip: More Creative Headlines Just for You!

Here is a great free mlm tip for you today: always make sure you use hypnotic headlines!

I have received more headline information from Art Jonak. I consider him an outstanding marketer! Here we go:

Here are headlines #26 through #30 from the . . .
''Top 50 Greatest Network Marketing Headlines List.''

26: ''In one hour I learned a plan to wipe out
my credit card debt.''

27: ''It's just like being a rock star. You write
a hit song and collect royalties for life..''

28: ''Retire with dignity and with a full-time paycheck.''

29: ''Live like a millionaire in just 12 short months.''

30: ''How a 29-year-old housewife stays at home and
still receives a full-time paycheck.''

To learn how to create great headlines that are specific
to your company, product and compensation plan, visit:


Here's a Bonus Sponsoring Tip

===> Do you think a part-time job would be better
for you instead of a part-time business?

(Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to
wanting a part-time business. Hey, working a part-time
job until age 65 doesn't sound like much fun.)

===> Starting your own business would cost a lot of money
. . . and is pretty risky, isn't it?

(Most prospects will agree and say that's why they
haven't tried. Now they are open-minded toward a
business if it doesn't require a lot of money and is
not risky.)

===> Would a $300 a month raise make a big difference?

(Gee, that's $3,600 a year which would pay for a really
nice vacation, a better car, an occasional weekend
getaway, or the minimum payment on the VISA card . . .
This question is rejection-free. Even if the prospect
says, 'No' - that means the prospect is looking for
some serious money. And you know your prospect can't
get this kind of raise from his or her boss.)

See you at the TOP!

-Art Jonak

I'll pass on more info as it becomes available. These are great free mlm tips for you to start using right now!


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Friday, September 28, 2007

Free MLM Resource: How to Use Squidoo To Market Your MLM Product or Opportunity

On the internet today, there seems to be an almost overwhelming number of marketing strategies you can use to promote your MLM home business. There is one free mlm tool that you can use to generate cheap mlm leads for free. This tool is Squidoo.

Squidoo is a social network marketing site that continues to grow by leaps and bounds. With Squidoo, all you do is create a lens. A lens is like a mini-website. Once your lens is created, simply put in content that you know folks in your niche will love and rave about. The more helpful your lens, the more popular it will be and the higher it will get ranked by your peers.

Before you join Squidoo and create your first lens, keep this in mind:

-Make sure you invest time and effort in building lenses that will have folks all over the net talking about them.

-Do most of your work by hand instead of automating it; in other words, no putting out thousands of junk pages with software to just to get more inbound links.

-Keep a long term view. Your lenses may not bring you huge amounts of traffic like the #1 spots on Google, but the kind you get will be human and very targeted.

Got it? Good. Now here are the Squidoo secrets you need to use to generate cheap mlm leads (meaning free!).

-Secret #1: Make your lens useful and informative. If you know your niche well, make sure your lens gives them what they want. If you do this, they will keep coming back.

Don’t make your lens a one-stop-shop, but more a guide book which leads to a collection of the best. By this I mean your lens should have the most appropriate and useful informative gathered from resources around the Web related to your mlm product or service.

Secret #2: Make your lens remarkable. Remember, using Squidoo is a great free mlm tool that you can use to generate leads and build relationships. Try to find a way to make it stand out from other similar lenses.

Secret #3: Share it! If you are one who participates in forums, write articles, participate in online groups, blog, have a regular email address, etc. , have a signature line that points to your lens. Make it interesting enough so that people will want to click.

Secret #4: Request ratings. What happens with Squidoo is that if many people rate your lens, it causes your rankings to rise very quickly. You can get ratings by asking visitors to rate, and in your signature file (as discussed above, also put a blub about ranking it). You can also surf around Squidoo for lenses that are related to your topic. When you find a high ranked lens, rate it and then invite the lens maker to visit yours and rate it as well.

Secret #5: Don’t let your lens stagnate. What happens is if you make no updates to your lens for too long, it will slowly drop in rankings. Also, if you add new modules from time to tome, rankings improve as well. You can also write a short article (250-300 words works best), throw in a few new links, etc. Just keep things moving and growing.

Secret # 6: Get those links. You will need to market your lens just like any other website. A good way to do this is by getting links. You can get links a number of ways such as by writing articles related to your lens topic and with the same keywords, blog posts, submitting to link directories, classified ads, etc. The list is almost endless!

Secret #7: Use social bookmarking services. This is a must as Squidoo put links to them near the top of your lens. You can use sites such as, Digg, etc.

Secret #8: Create a newsworthy lens. Is there anything “newsy” about your lens? You very well could create some sort of “angle” and then use it to talk to the media through a means such as a press release. If your lens isn’t “newsy” yet, you can build one just for the press and then link it back to your main lens. Pick a hot topic and you never know what will happen!

Hopefully, you have gotten some useful ideas about how Squidoo can be used as a free MLM tool to market your mlm products or opportunity, develop cheap mlm leads, and to build relationships. Plus, you can get good rankings with Google! Go now, and get your free account and watch your traffic rankings and sign-ups soar.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Free MLM Tips: You Gotta Use Rocking Headlines!

One of the best free mlm tip I can give you is to always
make sure you use eye-catching headlines for any
type of marketing you do for you networking marketing
business opportunity.

Below are more great headlines you can use from Mr. Art Jonak.

Here are headlines #26 through #30 from the . . .
''Top 50 Greatest Network Marketing Headlines List.''

26: ''In one hour I learned a plan to wipe out
my credit card debt.''

27: ''It's just like being a rock star. You write
a hit song and collect royalties for life..''

28: ''Retire with dignity and with a full-time paycheck.''

29: ''Live like a millionaire in just 12 short months.''

30: ''How a 29-year-old housewife stays at home and
still receives a full-time paycheck.''

To learn how to create great headlines that are specific
to your company, product and compensation plan, visit:


Here's a Bonus Sponsoring Tip

===> Do you think a part-time job would be better
for you instead of a part-time business?

(Most prospects will immediately attach themselves to
wanting a part-time business. Hey, working a part-time
job until age 65 doesn't sound like much fun.)

===> Starting your own business would cost a lot of money
. . . and is pretty risky, isn't it?

(Most prospects will agree and say that's why they
haven't tried. Now they are open-minded toward a
business if it doesn't require a lot of money and is
not risky.)

===> Would a $300 a month raise make a big difference?

(Gee, that's $3,600 a year which would pay for a really
nice vacation, a better car, an occasional weekend
getaway, or the minimum payment on the VISA card . . .
This question is rejection-free. Even if the prospect
says, 'No' - that means the prospect is looking for
some serious money. And you know your prospect can't
get this kind of raise from his or her boss.)

To learn more about creating great first sentences
and headlines, visit:


See you at the TOP!

-Art Jonak

P.S.: Watch for headlines #31 - #35 to arrive soon!

I hope this free mlm tip will help you in your business.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Free MLM Traffic: How to Get Free Advertising on Google

One of the goals of those who are in a network marketing home based business opportunity is to generate free mlm traffic. I’m sure this is one of your goals as well. Did you know that there is a way you can get free advertising using the web’s top search engine Google? If you are in desperate need to know the secret, finally revealed are the steps you need to take to get free advertising on Google’s first page 24-7!

1. Set goals. You must figure out where you want to be in two to five years from now. You must think about ways people find an find you. You don't want to be a slamming and hammering sales person since over 90% of the population dislikes that approach. You don't want to chase after people , but have THEM chasing after you. How will you do this? If you don't have a plan in place, you are not focused. So, the first step is to set some goals.

2. Name recognition. People need to know who you are. This does not happen immediately, but over time. Unfortunately, most people will quit before they ever reach this point, but for those who are committed, the will amply be rewarded for their efforts. Therefore, you must plan right.

3. Systems. As you think about your strategy, you must have a system. You must be able to see who is on your list in a glance; have a contact manager, and be able to keep records. I personally use a system for 19.95 a month that enables me to build my list by giving away a free resource, has email features, comes with an autoresponder, has 8 splash pages, includes training on how to market as well as places to market, and much more.

4. Don't believe the hype the heavy hitters or guru's promote. We all have seen headlines about how people make thousands of dollars almost overnight. Many of them almost sound like these people got rich quick.

With any network marketing internet home based-business opportunity especially, it takes time to build a frontline with strong leaders; leaders who will retail and bring in other leaders for their teams. This does NOT happen overnight. It takes work. If you see promotions from others where they seemed to have skipped this step, there are three possible reasons:

a. The person sold audio tapes, some sort of report or system, where they claimed they did something.
b. They previously had a large downline and just transferred it into a new company.
c. The person has good name recognition. So, a MLM company asked them to promote their company, and gave them a huge downline. The heavy hitter than began to advertise for them.

Now that you have a foundation on what you need to do first, here is the secret to getting listed on page one of the web’s top search engine, Google. The “secret”-articles. Writing articles is the best way to get listed on the #1 page in Google. Article marketing really must be part of your plan. Writing articles brands you, gives you name recognition, and repeat traffic if you are able to connect with your readers. In addition, years from now links can keep coming back to your site.

So, how do you go about doing this?

*Figure out what is popular in your niche. For example, what are people looking for and talking about related to network marketing? What are the most viewed articles in places such as Just browsing through related categories and the most viewed and popular articles can give you a good idea. What you see will let you know what to write about. You can also use material from any ebooks and other resource that you have. You also can hire people through places such as if the thought of writing an article sounds overwhelming.

*After you figure out what people want, do a keyword research related to your topic. This will help you discover how to get free mlm traffic. Focus on long tail keyword phrases which are 3 words or more. Phrases such as internet marketing, mlm, networking marketing will never get you on the first page of Google since there is way to much competition or those keywords. A phrase such as free mlm resources" likely will get you better results.

*Use a keyword tool to help you and to save time. Wordtracker is excellent as well as Google's free tool, Good Keywords, etc.

*Once you figure out your keyword, put it in quotes and then go to Google to see how many searches there are for it. As mentioned before, huge results such as 40,000-50,000 will get you nowhere. Go for results 5,000 or under.

*Once you have found the long tail keyword phrase you want to use, use the exact phrase in the title, and first and last paragraph of your article.

*Submit your article to . Of course, there are other directories you can as well such as article which is a free distribution service. Once you have submitted your article, in a week do a Google search to see where you landed. If you don't like the page you are on, you can go back and make changes to get better results.

* In your resource book, add a link to your blog or unique splash page where you are branded. It is best if it is unique and different especially if you are in MLM where everybody uses a generic splash page.

No matter what network marketing home based business opportunity you are involved with, article writing is a great way to bring in free mlm traffic and and prospects over a long period of time. If you are not using this marketing strategy now, take action and get going today as the payoff can be huge!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Free Network Marketing Information: How to Find Prospects

This is a great free network marketing information and tip from
Art Jonak. Art says:
"Prospects are everywhere. You just have to choose how
you would like to contact them.

There are lots of methods to locate and create prospects.

And all of the methods work - if you learn how to use the
method correctly.

Many times you hear distributors say:

''Advertising doesn't work.''

But is this true?

Of course not. We know advertising does work. If not,
who is paying for all those television commercials?
What the distributor should be saying is:

''My advertising doesn't work.''

Once the distributor takes that personal responsibility,
prospecting starts to make sense. If a distributor's
advertising doesn't work, then the distributor has two

1. Invest the time and money to learn how to make his
advertising work so that he can compete successfully
with other advertisers, or

2. If the distributor doesn't want to make that investment,
then simply choose a different method of prospecting.

If a distributor says:

''Direct mail doesn't work.''

Is that true?

Of course not.

Direct mail works. Look in your mailbox and you'll see
plenty of direct mail weekly. The truth is:

''That distributor's direct mail didn't work.''

Now the distributor has the same two choices as before.
Invest and learn how to make direct mail work, or choose
a different method.

What else doesn't work?

You'll hear distributors say:

''Internet marketing doesn't work.''
''Cold calls don't work.''
''Opportunity meetings don't work.''
''Referrals don't work.''
''Postcards don't work.''
''Bird dogs don't work.''

And the same truth applies to all of these methods of

Distributors must find a method of prospecting that
they enjoy, then learn how to use that method - or
pick another method.

The ''103 Ways and Places to Sponsor New Distributors''
super-manual has plenty of methods and resources for

You won't like them all.

Some won't apply to your business or personality.

But the important thing is to find at least one method that
you can do - and then go out and build a powerful downline

Ready to get started?

If so, take advantage of our risk-free offer now so you
can learn how to sponsor more new distributors for life.


If you're not 100% convinced that ''103 Ways and Places To
Sponsor New Distributors'' will help you double or even triple
your sponsorship rate, then just send us an email and you'll
be issued a prompt and courteous refund - no questions asked
- and you can keep the 6 gifts!"

-Art Jonak

Art always has useful information. Stay tuned for more!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Free MLM Tips: How to Use Add This and Only Wire

Free MLM Tips for Today:

While I wait for more headline information from Art Jonak, I thought I'd share a resource that you can use to help promote your business for free.

I'm with Mentoring for Free and on of the things we do is teach internet marketing training that can be used for any MLM business.

In a recent call, training was done on how to use social bookmarking sites such as "Only Wire" and "Add This" was done.

If you want to check it out, here's the URL:


Here are the links that were mentioned in the calls: Add This Tagging 2007 Ebook

I hope you all find this free MLM tips useful


Friday, September 14, 2007

Free MLM Tip: How to Use Headlines Effectively

Art Jonak has great tips that will help you easily promote your network marketing home based business opportunity. Here are more tips on how to create effective headlines.

Here are headlines #21 through #25 from the Top 50
''Greatest Network Marketing Headlines'' list:

21: ''How I made a fortune because of a one-hour meeting.''

22: ''Never be embarrassed by your checking account
balance again.''

23: ''Attention: If you're afraid to leave your job,
but want to earn more, call this number.''

24: ''It's like having a paycheck from a part-time job,
but you don't have to go to work.''

25: ''Work three weeks and get paid for four.''

To learn how to create great headlines that are specific
to your company, product and compensation plan, visit:


-> Bonus Sponsoring Tip

Here's a simple sentence to get your prospect's
instant attention.

Before starting your presentation, say:

'If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you how
I quit my job and still make more money.'

'If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you how I
got a full-time income by working two nights a week.'

'If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you how
I got a new car and will never have to make car
payments again.'

'If you have a few minutes, I'd like to tell you how
I became a millionaire.'

This will get your prospects leaning forward and
interested in what you are about to share.

To learn more about creating great first sentences
and headlines, visit:


See you at the TOP!

-Art Jonak

I hope you can use these tips to effectively build your network marketing home-based business opportunity.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Top 10 MLM Business Strategies that Generate Free Leads 24-7!

The Top 10 MLM Business Strategies that Generate Free Leads 24-7!

If you are a professional network marketer, you know how important it is to have a steady influx of leads for your business. As you know, the best way to get MLM leads is for free instead of purchasing them. Here are 10 business building strategies you can use to get free MLM leads for your business beginning today!

1. Be yourself. Whether it be on your sales copy, squeeze page, or when talking to people one on one, you must be yourself and convey that you have no agenda. You must show people that you are interested in what they have to say, and want to help them reach their goals and dreams. By building relationships, you will build your business and easily find leads for your product or service.

2. Use audio files. Now days, people are very busy. They cannot always take the time to catch opportunity or conference calls. One way to get around this is by using audio files. Audio files enable your prospects to listen on their time. Plus, if your prospect has joined your business, this takes the “I have to be an expert” pressure off. When new people join, they can guide their own interested prospects to the audio files. This technique is easily duplicatable and leverages people’s time.

3. Have a powerful “why”. When you talk to people and they say they are interested in joining your business, encourage them to create a “why” with staying power. This is extremely important because we all reach a point in business when rough times come. Everybody at some point wants to quit or even quit before they fully get started. A powerful “why” about what your prospect wants from life and their business will help them stay grounded. It’s important as well that you have them write it down on paper and review it everyday.

4. Share that mentoring/coaching will be available. If your prospects feel that they will be in this on their own, they will want to quit, especially if they have no skills. So, you must convey to them that you will help them and teach them the skills necessary to be successful. Mentoring will also help your prospects overcome their biggest obstacles for success as well as provide motivation and accountability. All world-class athletes are mentored. So you too, should currently be in a mentoring relationship so that you can mentor others just as well.

5. Mentoring with a servant’s heart. As discussed in number four, mentoring is crucial and will help people feel more comfortable, that they are a partner with you. You must convey that you have no agenda, and will teach and share all that you know. This is the right thing to do and your people will appreciate it. For those people who are still prospects, this approach will help build relationships and keep your leads interested in what you have to offer even if they can’t act until sometime in the future.

6. Provide a team mastermind call. As you know, all humble and successful people in any business NEVER claim they do it all their own. They have a team of people who help them. So, providing a mastermind call where people can come to a safe place to share ideas is an awesome way to build a business. No one should ever be reprimanded for saying something that may sound dumb. Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas come from seemingly “dumb” people and which many supposedly “smart” people thought was incredibly stupid!

7. Be on a good marketing team. A truly good marketing system will bring folks with various areas of expertise together and share with others what to do. A good network marketing system will be much more than selling to family and friends. It will involve no egos and will successfully teach proven and duplicatable marketing strategies that will generate free leads as well as successfully market a MLM product or service.

8. The right way vs. wrong way to do three way calls. Three way calls are an excellent way to share your business with your leads. However, if you do it in a way where high pressure sales techniques and pitching is going on, you will lose prospects. The best way is to use this tool is as a relationship building process. The purpose is to share with your prospects about you, as well explain what you do in clear terms in just one minute. Yes, you heard right, in jus ONE minute. Then, you give the prospect a chance to ask questions. The other team member on the call with you can give a brief testimonial, and talk about why they joined. This is a powerful way to show people that you are not in this alone, and hear about your opportunity from another perspective. Using this approach many times will transfer a free lead into a partner.

9. Use the cruise ship rule. If you are doing well generating free leads, and prospects start talking about wanting to join you, don’t just accept any and everybody! Learn to think, if I went on a 30-day cruise with this person, are they the type of person I would want to spend 30 days with? If you don’t enjoy the person, like them, find them annoying, etc., it is not a good idea to sponsor them. There is no need to just take anybody here. Only work with people that you like and could easily go on a 30 day cruise with.

10. Have an action plan. When your free leads eventually join you, they will be excited, but also will be thinking, “Ok, I joined. Now what do I do?” You will need to help them focus on a step-by-step process of what they need to do to build a strong foundation. This action plan should help them understand how your team works, and how the business and company works. The plan should also provide duplication, structure, all of which will increase their comfort level. This in turn will free up your time. An action plan is a must have when people join you in your business.

These are strategies that you can use today to build your networking marketing home business as well as generate interested free leads for your market or service. Take action, start off with at least a few today, and watch your MLM business grow.