Thursday, August 17, 2006

Learn the Secrets Guru's Use to Create Low Cost Products

Ready for a secret to skyrocket your home-based business? Read on to discover what it is.

Learn the Secrets Guru's Use to Create Low Cost Products
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Learn the Secrets Guru's Use to Create Low Cost Products

So, after much research, you have figured out what niche market you want to target with your home based business. Now, you aren't sure what product you want to sell. The truth is, the answer is easier to arrive at, and much less expensive to implement than you would imagine. Let's learn the secrets gurus use when creating a product.

In case you are wracking your brain trying to figure this out, relax. In fact, you probably have already guessed it. It's the dreaded ebook! The moaning and groaning is beginning now, but ebooks really aren't that bad! Ebooks have been around for years, but most people in your niche likely will have had only limited experience with them.

Why ebooks? They continue to be cool, and are viewed as cutting edge. They also are easy to create, inexpensive, can be developed quickly, and can be bought while you sleep. It doesn't get much better than that!

Now, the real secret to ebooks is . . . . Drum roll please! DON’T CREATE THEM! Now, if you are a professional writer or just love to write, then this article isn't for you. The rest of you, hang in here! The truth is there are much easier ways to create an ebook than trying to do it yourself. They are:

1. Have someone else do it for you or,

2. Legally steal someone else's book.

There are sites where you can post your projects, and where freelance writers can take a look, and make bids on your projects.

Tips to remember when you go to post your projects include the following:

1. Give as much detail as possible so that freelance writers know exactly what you want. Some writers will be so eager for your project that they will write up a sample chapter based on your information just to get your business. Make sure you also ask the bidder to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This information can be found on the site. You always must register, as well. Buyers can register for free.

2. Always ask bidders for writing examples; otherwise, who knows what fluff you might end up with!

3. Don't ever pay anyone until you have completely reviewed the final product.

With these tips in mind, now on to the second way to create an inexpensive ebook. If you remember, the second secret given was to legally steal someone else's book. How can this be done? The secret is using public domain materials. Anything published before 1923 in the United States is considered public domain. This means that no one owns the copyright of the material, and therefore, anybody can use it.

It gets even better than this. Some books published between 1923 and 1963 may be public domain material if the copyright was not renewed by the 28th year. To be on the safe side, it always advisable to consult a copyright attorney before publishing any work you might find. That said, there are membership sites on the web that have done all the work for you! You just pay a small monthly fee and get lots of great public domain material.

After you get your original book, you will want to have it scanned in digital format. When looking for a company to do this for you, keep these important points in mind:

1. Make sure they do not destroy the original book. The book needs to be returned to you.

2. The company needs to do more than just scan the book. The work has to be editable so you can add your own introduction.

3. There needs to be a week's turn around.

4. Work is kept confidential.

5. The fees are not unreasonable. Examples of approximate prices are:

1-100 pages-$100
101-300 pages-$150
301-500 pages-$200

Now you know the secrets the gurus use to create low cost products for their niche markets. Your home based business can now explode!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

How to Get Your Home Based Business Online in 7 Days or Less, Part I

How to Get Your Home Based Business Online in 7 Days or Less, Part I
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This is an article I recently wrote to assist those in getting their home-based business online really easily. Hope it helps!

Once a home based business owner has decided on a niche they will target for their business, the next step is to get it online as quickly as possible. The good news is this does not have to be a time consuming process. However, before one starts, keep these few concepts in mind:

1. Don’t worry about perfection. Testing and tweaking will have to be done so that your marketing campaign is done right. You want to make sure you test what works so that the same mistakes aren’t constantly made. Testing has to be done if any online home-based business will see any kind of profit.
2. Don’t spend tons of money on advertising until things start converting! Learn from small windfalls and use the profits to fund marketing.
3. Don’t create another job for yourself. You want to be sure you get things set up correctly from the start in order to create multiple streams of income. This will allow you to leverage your time. Get things automated as much as possible as this helps tremendously with the time factor.
4. Invest in education. Keep updated on current events in the marketing world. Attend seminars, purchase ebooks, and listen to teleseminars. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, but do allot some money for investing in your mind.
5. Don’t have the get rich quick mentality. For any business, it takes time and effort to develop and be successful. This won’t happen overnight!

Now, we are ready to start getting your business online quickly. Let’s get going with Day 1.

Day 1: Register a domain name and get a hosting account. Make sure you have made a list of the keywords you want to target for your online home business. Remember to use tools such as Wordtracker, Good Keywords, Google’s Sandbox Tool, or others to create a keyword list.

Once you have your list, it’s time to register a domain name. Godaddy is good because its inexpensive, makes domain management easy, and offers free forwarding and domain parking. Of course, there are others for you to check out as well such as and You can also go to Google and type in “domain registration” and many more options will come up. What you want to do is to search for available domains using the most profitable keywords.

After you have registered a domain name, you will need to find a good hosting account. Be aware that hosting can go from zero cost to hundreds of dollars per month. Here are a few important things to remember when host searching:

1. Make sure it is reasonably priced. You don’t need to pay over $20 per month.
2. Make sure it allows you to have full FTP Access. This means you are able to transfer files from your computer to the server.
3. Make sure there is enough server space. This is the amount of space your web sites take up on the server. Most websites don’t take up much and don’t have more than a few MB’s of space.
4. Email Accounts: The hosting company should allow for at least 5 POP email accounts.
These are just a few things to consider when host hunting.

Day 2 and 3: Website Design and Content

The important point to remember for day 2 and 3 is to keep it simple! This is especially important if you are selling an ebook. You will need a good headline that will grab visitor’s attention quickly. You will also need to connect with them and show them you have the best answers to their particular problem. It does not have to take pages and pages for this. A few pages are really all that is needed. If you feel writing sales copy is too overwhelming, you can always outsource the project and post it on a site such as

Getting a niche home based business online does not have to difficult or time consuming. It can be done quickly and easily. Follow the above steps and get started today.

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