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How to Build a Marketing List

For home based businesses to be successful, they must have a list of prospects and customers. Of course, one of the best ways to do this is to join this site, for free! Here is more information about why it is so important to have a list of customers and prospects.

Home Business Success: The Importance of Building Your Marketing List by Robert Reyes

When most people start out cutting their teeth in a home based business, they often end up buying their leads from a leads list. This is fine for the novice that is still feeling their way around and learning how to progress. However, there comes a point where buying leads becomes a burden, not only financially but mentally as well. Most names that are purchased from a leads list are people that have been constantly hounded by scam artists and phone bullies who are trying to pressure their potential customers into buying their product. So when you finally get that person's name, they are not open to what you have to offer. Maybe you have the best product or services for your possible customer, but they are guarded and closed off because of the constant pestering from being on an overused list. This is where building your own list is so important.

When it comes to list building, I constantly here the phrase, "Your Power is in Your List." This doesn't mean that if you have a big list you will be able to lift cars or leap tall buildings in a single bound. Actually, it means that the more people who are on your list the more people will receive your direct marketing or business opportunity you are offering . Let me tell you, that is a good thing. The more people that know about what you are marketing, the larger the potential for you to make money. So when your list continually grows, so does the margin for you to reap serious benefits.

Your ability to pull power out of your list is realized and revolves around the fact that you are the only one marketing to your specific list. Since you are the owner of your list, you are the sole person who can contact your unique list of prospects. By cultivating your own list, you relieve your list of having to deal with endless spam from different companies. This gives you customers who keep an open ear and mind to your business, which translates into more for your business.

Make your list work for you. Don't be afraid of reaching out to your list. They have signed up with you and are already interested in what you have to offer. The benefits that come with raising up a list of your own will allow you to market with the resolve and confidence you never had before.

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Robert Reyes is a business entrepreneur who has been involved in raising businesses in several industries for the past 21 years. He utilizes his real world experience and entrepreneur success to help others gain their own success at Project Success

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How to Assess the Profits of Your Home Based Business Idea

How to Assess the Profits of Your Home Based Business Idea
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There are many home-based businesses and opportunities that can be found online. Work-at-home opportunity seekers can easily be bombarded by many offers that promise thousands of dollars per week. However, once a home business opportunity is decided upon, it is important that one crucial step is not overlooked. The step is carefully evaluating the online profit potential the opportunity has to offer. Let’s uncover the secrets of this important step.

In order to analyze the profit potential of a internet home business idea, home based business opportunity seekers should look at :

1. The size of the market

2. The competitiveness of the market

3. Whether or not people are paying to advertise within a particular market, and if so, how much it costs to advertise.

To do this manually, follow this step by step process:

1. Go to This tool permits you to look up the number of searches for the previous months on certain keywords. Some of the information comes from search engines such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, MSN, and CNN.
2. Pick a word or phrase and type it in the suggestion tool. Depending on the keyword you choose, results can range from the thousands to a few hundred or less. It is best to have at least 6,000 searches for a month before you choose to pursue your work at home business opportunity.
3. Go thorough the list and copy the words that are closely related to your keyword. Put all this information onto a spreadsheet and add up all the numbers. This provides you with an estimate of the monthly demand and size for your work at home business opportunity you are considering.
4. Go to and type in all the keyword phrases separately to get supply information for each of your keywords. Type this information into the spreadsheet you previously completed. Name the column supply/demand. Keep in mind that if you get results such as 200,000 and up, that is a lot of competition!

In order to find specific bids on keywords, follow these steps:

5. Go to and type in your keyword. Click on “view advertiser’s max bids” in the upper right corner. A new window will open up where you’ll need to type in your keyword. After entering a security code, you’ll see what people are bidding. It is also important to remember that if no one else is paying to advertise on a home based business opportunity idea’s keyword, its either a smoking hot find or folks aren’t buying the product.
6. Go through this procedure for all of your words and phrases. Write down what the top three bids are for each keyword and put them in your spreadsheet.

Now, we are going to calculate the monthly profit potential. The first part of this formula will be revenue. Take the total demand count from the keywords as gathered in step 2 and 3 of your figures that were taken from and multiply it by 2.5 to get an overall paid search impressions. If you plan on advertising with Google, this multiplication formula will not work.

Next, we are going to figure out profit based or Click Through Rate. Some impressions have high CTR’s and other low CTR’s. You will need at least a 1% CTR. This can be easily achieved by adjusting your titles and descriptions as needed.

In regards to the sales conversion rate, starting off at 1% is Ok. This means an average of one out of every 100 visitors to your work at home business opportunity will buy. If your idea doesn’t show a profit potential of at least 1%, then it’s highly likely it will be difficult to work online.

With the expensive part of the equation, you need to calculate out the average cost per click. This means, what will it cost for your keywords to remain in the top 3 position? For example, if your keywords were bartending and the top three phrases for this keyword were Bartending book-.011, Bartending guide-.10, and Bartending tips-.08 ,the average cost per keyword would be about .10 As you can see, calculating the cost of your home business opportunity idea by hand can be tedious. There is software that can do this for you automatically. Visit for more information.

Before embarking on an Internet home based business idea, it is very important to carefully evaluate the profit potential. Failing to do so can result in frustration, little to no profits, and eventually shutting down your business! So make sure you follow these steps to have a profitable home-based-business opportunity!
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