Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How to Increase Traffic to Your Home Business Site

We all know the importance of traffic when it comes getting our site out to potential prospects. Having a strategy to build links and traffic is important. Here are some tips in how to do this. Remember also that to build a successful mlm business, it’s important to follow these 10 steps to success. Visit

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Secrets to Gaining Traffic to your website by Sam Barns

Highly Targeted Traffic effectively increases popularity of you website Very low cost highly targeted traffic plans to greatly enhance your return on investment.

The problem with a new site is that it often takes a long time before it is indexed by the search engines. This means you are missing out on getting traffic and making sales. Google places new sites in the \\\"sandbox\\\" which means they are on \\\"hold\\\" for a period of time before they rank.
The main ways to gain traffic are:

1. Submit your site in chat rooms. This is a guaranteed hit. Youre guaranteed to at least get 50% of the people in the chat to visit your site. Imagine you submitting to over eighty people, and they all visit. That is a lot of hits!

2.Submit to Top Site Lists. It helps in some way. Most people won\\\'t visit your site if it is a low rank, which isn\\\'t that good. So try to take a top site list that lets the people vote. This way, even if your hits aren\\\'t that good, you can possibly achieve a high rank. Even if your site is a low rank, at least it is there.

3. Submit to specialty search engine directories you may wonder why I havent mentioned submitting to the major search engines. When you work on building the link popularity of your site, it automatically places you in the main search engines.

You can also research the link partners of your competitors sites by entering your favorite keyword in the search engines. Once you have found a number of top ranked sites, download the Google toolbar and check their back links. This can save you a lot of time researching other areas to find quality links.

Once your site been indexed by the search engines and included in the directories, focus on adding more content and continue building your link popularity. This will help you to maintain and/or increase rankings with the result of gaining more traffic to your new web site.

The other best way to bring free traffic to your website is writing articles. With a little work on a monthly basis, writing articles, you will be surprised by all the free traffic this will bring to your website.

All you really need to write an article is a subject to write about. Choose something you know enough about to write about it. Whether it be about how to \\\"organize a home based business\\\", or if you are a stay at home mom, you could write an article \\\"tips for work at home moms. There are endless possibilities to what you could write about.

After you have written an article, you will want to write a few sentences about yourself (this is known as a resource box). Make sure you have included your website address. To see an example of what a resource box is, look at the end of this article to see how I have done this.

Webmasters are always looking to publish articles. Why? Because it will help their Search Engine rankings, by providing useful content on their website. When you submit your articles to other websites, this will be beneficial to you as well. How? When you have an article published on someone\\\'s site, a portion of their visitors will visit your site. Once you have submitted enough of your articles on the Internet, your traffic will dramatically increase and so will your Search Engine ranking. Make sure you add your articles to your own website because search engines love new content to a website.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

How to Find Key Niche Markets

Hey, did you know that one of the best ways to have an on-going exploding AND profitable home-based business is to make sure you find a niche market? In other words, don't just sign up for any offer that comes along! You have to do your reseach and make sure that the opportunity you are investigating will be profitable. Skipping this important step is death many times to home-based business.

The Keys to Finding Niche Internet Markets
By Jim Bradley

Finding an internet market is easy. Finding a niche internet market that is PROFITABLE can be a bit more difficult, but actually quite simple when you understand what you are doing. The world of internet marketing and niche marketing is so vast that over 90% of internet marketers spend weeks and even months on the wrong market, only to find out after great investments of time and money, that there is nothing profitable to be made. So pay close attention as I reveal the secrets to finding a niche internet market to profit from.

There are thousands of ways to find your own niche internet market. Search some popular keywords using popular search engines such as google, yahoo, and msn, get a feel for what other people are doing on the web. You could also always get to a Barnes & Noble or library looking for some common applicable book genres. Personally, I've done both of these methods when I first began developing my own internet marketing campaign, and these were the most time consuming and inefficient appropriation of funds i've ever experienced. People have said to "go for a market you have passion about". Well that will get you just about no where, because if something is popular or personal to you, it still may not sell well at all. And that is the whole point of getting into the internet market, to sell.

I use 2 powerful tools to find wealth building niche internet markets that you may have never seen before.

1) - The endless supplier of niche internet markets. This e-powered affiliate marketing empire contains over 10,000 information programs you can promote for strong commissions. With so many niches at your fingertips its remarkable. This is the number one place to find hot niches to promote and prosper from.

Its completely free to sign up for an account, and they pay out checks bi-weekly, the 1st and 16th of every month. Go here to sign up for free:

then browse the infamous clickbank marketplace. You have free reign on these programs, from topics such as home based business opportunities, make money online, sports & recreation, home & family, Society & culture, and many more. With over 10,000 legitimate business opportunities, the only trouble you'll have is deciding how many profitable niche markets to use.

But the greatest reason to go here is this: you are not selling anything as an affiliate, and all goods are information products. What does this mean, well for one you never have to process shipments of actual packages. No hassle of the post office, shipping supplies, and annoying returns, just simple instant access information based products that created a whopping $1 trillion dollar industry last year alone.

2) - The cash auction machine. Ebay is one of the greatest ways to start getting into internet marketing and finding strong niche markets. This is where I personally began my online endeavors, selling all sorts of retail products, to health foods, to agricultural supplies and the money can really start to come in.

Personally, I find the selling of products so much more time consuming and un-cost effective that it would take 10 times longer to develop wealth selling tangible products as apposed to information products. But don't get me wrong, ebay is a great place to get started and learn how to find some hot niche internet markets.

Go to and when you get there click "all categories" or "see all categories". From here you can begin to delve into the ebay internet marketing world, with info on what is selling and how many products are being sold in each specific category. The trick is to find something specific, so you will need to browse some major categories. Instead of sporting goods, as a broad genre, get more specific with something like "men's tennis racquets" or "female sports attire". Within sports, for example, you can find hundreds of niches, so imagine when browsing all categories.

Now you have some valuable information that you will find useful in your hunt for niche internet markets. Keep your options open and do research before getting involved in any program. For reviews of the webs best clickbank and ebay opportunities go to this source :

James Bradley has been involved in internet marketing and affiliate marketing for over 4 years. He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine.

Hope you found this helpful! To build a successful mlm business, it’s important to follow these 10 steps to success. Visit