Tuesday, December 12, 2006

How To Ensure Your Home-Based Business Success

Ensuring Your Internet Marketing Success - Stick With One Expert
By Chimezirim Chinecherem Odimba

If you try everything that can make you money online at the onset, you're bound to fail. You can end up diversifying as much as possible later. However, you must consolidate on something that's working before you begin to diversify.

The easiest way to fail online is to listen to the right things everybody is saying. Now, I hope you took note of the fact that I said right things. This is very important because a lot of folks have failed online because they followed too many right ideas.

It is a good idea, if you're just starting out online, to get a trustworthy expert and stick with them (following their instructions to the end) without wavering.

There are people who teach slow and steady processes. They work. There are others who teach processes that require speed and a lot of outlay. Funny thing, they work, too.

But, you see, you mess up your internet life if you attempt to implement “slow and steady” techniques in “up and fast” processes.

So how do you avoid this? Take good time out and look for something that appeals to you. Look for established internet marketers (Not fly-by-night gurus who are up today and nowhere tomorrow). They must have living proof of ordinary folks that their techniques and processes have worked for. One hundred or more verifiable successes will be a good starting point.

If they can't give you over a hundred, they may be real but are way beyond your level. You want to start out successfully. You don't need the experts' expert - No, not yet.

Another thing that will help you get the right expert is their Alexa ranking. True, it can be manipulated at the 500,000th and worse positions. However, a top 20,000 position can't be easily faked.

But since you are looking for an expert who you will stick to, get someone who's site is in the top 5000 or, better still, the top 1000.

I followed an expert who's site is in the top 300 of all the sites in the whole world wide web using methods that ordinary people can also implement.

Now, when you have found your guru, be a good disciple and do not listen to anyone else no matter how true what they say is. Remember, on the internet, it is the truth that you don't need that hurts you most.

After you have explored and succeeded with this expert's methods, you'll be knowledgeable enough to explore other experts' opinions and increase your profits.

But for now, stick with one expert until you make reasonable profits online.

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