Monday, December 04, 2006

An Alternative Home-Based Opportunity Non- MLM That Still Produces Great Money

Is there such a thing as an alternative residual income home business opportunity to an MLM that still produces great money? Yes, there is and it is e-books. Almost anyone can create an e-book and turn it into a residual income. It only takes moderate writing skills and knowledge on a popular topic. This type of residual income business opportunity is a great alternative to MLM’s because a person has more control over their business.

MLM’s have been the major source for residual income because they are easy to get started in and are already proven to be successful. For some people, though, building a home business that can produce a residual income is something they would like to do, but an MLM just is not for them. Maybe they like the challenge of building their own residual income opportunity or maybe they cannot find a MLM that they are passionate about. Whatever the reason, it is possible to find a great alternative to MLM that produce comparable income results.

E-books are a residual income opportunity that is still an untapped market. Many people are starting to see how a simple e-book can start making them residual income easily. An e-book is based upon something a person is knowledgeable about. They do not have to be a professional writer, but it helps to understand grammar and spelling. If a person really is not confident in their writing they can hire someone to ghost write it for them at a one time nominal fee. As long as an e-book has useful, informative information, it can and will sell.

Making an e-book into residual income is easier than writing it. Once the book is written the person needs to market it. Once word gets out about this exciting e-book it will begin to sell. It is just like an author of any book selling it. Every copy will make money. Although, unlike an offline book, an e-book is sent through a computer file so there is no shipping or printing costs, so it actually is more profitable. If a person grants resell rights to others they can then set up a simple affiliate program to help sell their book. Their affiliates will market and sell the book. All the author did was spend the initial time writing it and now it will earn them money again and again.

E-books are a fun alternative to other residual income home business opportunities, like an MLM. They are an original work that a person develops himself or herself and then gets to earn money from it. It is gratifying and profitable. E-books are just a great choice for someone who wants residual income, but would rather not join an MLM.

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