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A Unique Home-Based Business Idea

A Unique Home-Based Business Idea
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Help Yourself Help Others

Since there are so many thousands of entrepreneurs giving up their full time employment to explore their own Internet home based business idea, one successful Internet home based business idea may well be to help them succeed.

What we’re suggesting is starting a business support service, one that helps these netpreneurs take their Internet home based business idea and see it to fruition. You might offer services that include dictation, transcription, desktop publishing, typing or word processing, writing, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, designing spreadsheets, answering the phone, delivering or forwarding mail, packaging and shipping, database management, billing, accounts payable, bookkeeping, resume services, photocopying and faxing, notarizing, Web research, Web page design and oversight, planning events, training staff, and a myriad number of consulting services.

Secretarial services of decades past involved typing, answering the phone and taking dictation by shorthand. Today the services are far more complex. Business support services have become a top notch Internet home based business idea as the complexities and technology involved in serving these exponentially growing small businesses lead to fewer and fewer adequately trained full time employees. Small employers, especially home-based typically don’t need full time employees, nor do they want to involve themselves in the complexities of employment law and taxation regulations. Business support service is an excellent Internet home based business idea because it is much needed and in much demand by these start up business owners who are just learning their way around the proprietorship and Internet business worlds.

While typing and dictation are still important functions in the working world, other newer services have evolved as equally or probably more important services, and your idea to offer business support as an Internet home based venture should include desktop publishing, Web research and proficiency with spreadsheet software such as Excel. While you can specialize as part of your business support services the greater proficiency you have in the various office software products and equipment the better chance you have of landing new and repeat clients.

There are two important factors in getting your Internet home based business idea off the ground. The first is to prepare yourself by training in the equipment and applications you will offer. The second is to find your potential clients. Since your business idea is to support others who have their own Internet based home business idea your potential leads might be very easy to find. In fact, they may hang out at the same places you do – the community college business start up classes, the local Small Business Development Center, the Chamber of Commerce get togethers and perhaps even Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) seminars or meetings. There are many opportunities here to subtly let others know you are willing to support their new business idea’s start up and kick off your own business as well.

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