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Kiosks: A Viable Home-Based Business Idea?

Kiosks: A Viable Home-Based Business Idea?
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For as little as $1250 and no experience whatsoever you can start an Internet home base business opportunity. One of the biggest and most far- sighted of Internet home base business opportunity ventures, this company offers a distributorship of Internet kiosks for the public.

One noted billionaire high technology predicted that the public Internet kiosk business would replace not only pay phones but also ATMS in the coming years, as they offered messaging capability, highway mapping and ticket purchases. He predicted this Internet home base business opportunity as one that would become essential and dominant.

The Internet kiosk business can be started easily from home. All you have to do is place your kiosks in cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, bus stations, airport terminals, libraries, workforce centers and any other place you can think of where people must wait and where they need information and Web access.

The way you entice the facility’s owner or manager to let your kiosk into the location is by sharing the profits with her or him. This is an Internet home base business opportunity that pays you instantly, the minute someone logs onto your kiosk. The money goes straight into the bank account that you designate.

This is a terrific opportunity that will grow in interest because on a daily basis more and more people use the Internet and need the Internet. There are few businesses that don’t require Internet communications. Families and friends who need to stay in touch while traveling need the Internet and may not want to lug around that hefty laptop bag. They need to know what to do for fun on their travels and how to get to their next entertainment destination. The kids can play Web games while the adults shop.

This Internet home base business opportunity gets lots of assist from the corporate owners. A step by step white paper tells you how to launch your kiosk business. You’ll learn the cost of the equipment, how to market your kiosks and their services, how to install them and how to manage your expenses and your profits.

This kiosk business is six years old and has its own kiosks in banks, physician’s waiting rooms, Laundromats, gift shops, colleges and universities, train and bus stations, hotels, resorts, coffee shops, rest areas, restaurants and hotels.

While hotels generally offer free high speed Internet access not many have any sort of hardware available. Statistics show that 80 percent of travelers have no laptops with them. Even if these hotels have a business service it’s generally a wait in line process for the one computer available. And there’s no privacy.

With your own Internet kiosk home base business opportunity you can install and then sit back and let the money roll in to your bank account. You don’t even have to cash the checks. What could be easier?

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