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An Interesting MLM Opportunity

An Interesting MLM Opportunity
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Empowerism is a multi-level marketing firm and the dba for the firm Life, Education And Prosperity, Inc. of Atlanta Georgia. It is a new subscription program for entrepreneurs that includes a monthly magazine (without any outside advertising), 50 business leads a month, a prospecting tool that is built in, and tools that will train you to succeed in Internet marketing. Empowerism tools include your own training center, training lessons that are delivered by e-mail, and a message board. With this MLM you can learn to earn a good income with bonuses. Your membership makes you a distributor.

The Empowerism site is e-commerce enabled for each distributor’s customers so that they can asked for information as well as order services and products that are credited to the distributor. Information such as name, email address, social security number, credit card numbers, bank accounts and zip codes are secured. These users can opt-out of emails at any time.

The magazine is called Excellent and its 20 or more pages are full of tips and training on how to succeed in your Internet based business. You can access your private training center and view the magazine in PDF and print it if you wish. Articles include Web site design, search engine marketing and plenty of other marketing and traffic building resources.

With your network marketing membership you’ll have a rotator on your start page that will assist you in earning credits on the start page programs of your choice. You’ll have a submitter for search engines to add your site to as many as 25 URLs every month with one click. You’ll get automated letters to send to your own members and more than 20 URLs that redirect users back to your own site. Empowerism even gives you 25 professional looking Web templates with eye appeal. These you can download for whatever you wish to do with them.

Your subscription includes a series of courses that will teach you marketing, setting up and running a home based business, setting goals and growing your business. These come by e-mail. The Empowerism Web site that you get includes tools to generate traffic. Some of these are free while the others cost little. You can personalize an e-mail to your downline that goes out as a group message. You’ll have a management center for keeping track of prospect, a great selection of e-books written by company trainers and live training and support.

Empowerism’s Web site talks about access for consumers to its products and services but we weren’t able to find any product or service except sales of subscriptions to Empowerism. In other words, the distributor makes her or his money according to how many distributors s/he adds to her downline.

The cost is $24.95 for the first month and $19.95 a month thereafter.

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