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Gift Basket Home Business in Five Easy Steps

Gift Basket Home Business in Five Easy Steps b>
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Gift Basket Home Business in Five Easy Steps

According to the May 2004 survey of the Department of Labor, there are 10 million Americans who generate income from home-based activities. Among the top three industries in this category is wholesale and retail trading. Definitely, gift basket making belongs to this. Create your own gift basket home business in five easy steps.

1. Create your business objective. The first step when putting up the gift basket business is to define your reason for going into business and how you envision your perfect business to be. Write this vision down and use it to inspire you to create specific goals that will propel your business. Create short-term (from start-up to 3 years) and long-term goals (from 4 years - 20 years or more) to provide a clear path throughout your journey of success.

2. Understand your client base. Next is to determine who is your client. You can start by targeting a certain age group in the society, say the busy working Moms from 30 – 45. They have the money to pay for ready-made gift baskets yet do not have the time for doing it themselves.

3. Know your competition. There are already almost a million Americans ahead of you in the gift basket home business, so you should know how they have crafted their success and how you can use their learning to apply to your own. Ensure that you have a unique idea or product that your closest competition will not be able to provide to your client base. Focus on this unique idea and use that as the principal product that makes you better than competition.

4. Plan for marketing and advertising. Just because this gift basket business is home-based, it does not mean that you can scrimp on advertising. As in any business, you should allot a portion of your capital (say 20%) for marketing it. The most effective marketing technique by far is direct mailing, because it has the highest response rate. If your client base is within the neighborhood, then you can use this technique to target around your area.

5. Plan for on-going support. Your relationship with your client will not stop the minute they pay. Especially if the gift basket is ordered for a recurring occasion, you would prefer that your client come back and order from you again. Ensure that you have set-up a consistent means of supporting and staying in-touch with your clients to guarantee continuation of your business.

Follow the five steps above and jumpstart your gift basket home business.

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