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The 12-Question Formula You Must Use When Choosing A Home-Based Business, Part II

The 12-Question Formula You Must Use When Choosing A Home-Based Business, Part II
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As we discovered in part one of this two article series, there is a 12-step question formula that all home-based business opportunity seekers must ask when investigating business opportunities. We all know that all that glitters is not gold! We want to avoid scams at all costs. We also want to find a work at home opportunity that is legitimate and can bring in significant income.

Are there any home-based opportunities that can meet these needs? Sure, but you have to do careful research. If you use this 12-question formula to separate the good opportunities from the bad, and find that the answer is “yes”, to most of these questions, great! You can rest assure you have stumbled onto a red-hot program that has the power to make you lots of money! That said; let’s discover what the final 6 questions to ask are for this 12-question formula.

#7. Find out if you can make huge sums of money without selling anything. Is this possible? Yes! There are business opportunities out that do not involve selling. This works primarily if the business uses a powerful Direct Response Marketing approach. The beauty of this approach is that it attracts all the right people and turns away the wrong ones. Folks are bought into the home-based business system automatically! Direct Response Marketing also eliminates the biggest objections, educates people about the major advantages of a product or service, and best of all, it makes people want to buy now! Therefore, finding an opportunity like this is crucial.

#8. Discover if the work at home opportunity offers help, support, and guidance from experts with a proven track record of making millions of dollars. This will require some research. It's safe to say that many opportunities will fail miserably in this area. However, if such a home business opportunity is found, your chance of success will be very high.

#9. Check to see if the company offers long-term opportunity. In other words, is the system the company has in place designed to make people money for the next 10, 20, and even 30 years? Avoid opportunities that sound golden, but will lose their glitter very quickly.

#10. Determine whether the home-based business opportunity can produce automatic income. It is useless to become involved in a business opportunity that will take months before any results or income can be seen. Why? People will usually become discouraged and quit if efforts are not rewarded in a timely manner. Avoid opportunities that will take months before any type of cash reward will be seen.

#11. Always ask if the start up is easy. If it will take three months to start up the business, why even become involved?

#12. This could be the most important question. Never forget to ask if there is an exit strategy. This is not being negative at all. On the contrary, it is being smart! Remember, there are no guarantees in life and business; things can and do change. Thus, it is always smart and never negative to have a back up plan or exit strategy.

Starting a business from home is a dream that many people have. However, one does not want to make a decision blindly and without careful thought and consideration. You can't go wrong when using this twelve-step question formula!

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